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  1. Doc

    The Phantom Fist

    Goddamit Lebron sell it here
  2. Doc

    Eco Stabilisation

    The cake being the purpose of the discussion. And yeah prioritising PKing and rest follows is what I'm trying to get across! I speak from a PK background I don't really PK anymore
  3. Doc

    Eco Stabilisation

    You take the cake with this one. I completely understand and agree with pking being the backbone of the server, but sprinkling PK content around the entire server is not the approach IMO, if anything we need to have a steady stream when it comes to pking. Something with PK only content instead of creating a hybrid methodology.
  4. Doc

    virtual levels

    This is obviously not a priority suggestion, but I like it but only on the highscores. Radio boxes to be placed that selects the mode it should be displayed on the highscores. What I mean by "radio boxes to be placed": I mean you could do it yourself with calculating the division, but I don't see this should be a thing in-game. How would that work with combat skills when there are pots that increase the cap like overloads magic potions ranging potions ..etc, would just be confusing in-game.
  5. Doc

    Eco Stabilisation

    I really like the idea of tailoring the vote books to certain "categories", and since you get 5 books a day which is 35 voting books a week, I would not pvm for those specific items, I would not skill for the resources like that, thus making the game easier... The value of the items like karambwan, overloads and rocktails would drop. As if we don't have caskets (of whatever kind) that already give you a lot of the resources like that. Believe it or not, those things make a decent chunk of money when you're cleaned and have nothing left after staking or gambling your entire bank away or even if you're just new to the game and want to make money but you're not rich enough to get decent gear to start bossing for better items.
  6. Doc

    Eco Stabilisation

    Nope, devalues my fishing and runecrafting and herblore.
  7. Doc

    Eco Stabilisation

    This is what I've been thinking about, we don't have the players for such the desired eco, we are currently struggling because our current eco is designed for a lot more players than what we have right now and that's why we have a lot of "rare" items that are really not rare anymore every other player has them the exception are few items like dwh, because literally that weapon is not in any shop, and you cant donate for it you NEED to pvm for it. We have an eco that is meant for 150+ players at all times, but we are much smaller than that, though I agree with the measures you've mentioned @Dice about pking, but voting books should remain as it is I don't think it makes much sense to add pk items onto it.
  8. Goodbye, my sweet prince Fistiboi this thread's revival was a mistake @Littlee pls kill it... I don't want any more tears of sorrow I just got over Fistiboi's departure phase 1 of grief this could have sent me back to start of phase 1.
  9. Doc

    The Phantom Fist

    Great story! I loved the part where you said you were PLAYING and that touched my heart strings it talks to me on a personal level; life as we know it is not as it seems one day you're playing the next you played but speaking of the past you are always doing it a constant flow of actions in the past so you WERE PLAYING the I-N-G defines the action being put in motion so in the past the action of playing is moving or a better way to put it would be running. So with all taken into consideration, you can understand the true meaning behind those words it's a constant reminder even if you stopped doing something it is important to know that in the past you are STILL doing it but just because it is in the past you are not doing it in the present so you stopped but in reference to the past it's a constant flow a replay a loop but the past leads to the future. tl;dr : goodbye my sweet prince
  10. Doc

    the ''make all'' option

    Devalues my one hand on mouse only gameplay style
  11. Doc

    the ''make all'' option

    Yeah like Lebron said, for example when you have like 12 items and you have 1k of each of these stackable items i dont wanna keep x then insert a number every time instead sell all x12 and im done not stay in general store for 2 minutes
  12. Doc

    the ''make all'' option

    Make-All & Sell-All ...please
  13. @[email protected] think this giveaway is completely cancelled since Fist quit and Peter banned
  14. Doc

    Vote books

    Allowing this would also mean there will be rich players that will not vote but instead buy votes from other players for a higher price and buy a lot.
  15. Doc

    We Need changes!

    Tax the hoarders and the rich men!