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  1. Im Aspeck

    1337 member down

    very nice loot, last time i checked he wasnt in the 1337 clan tho...
  2. Im Aspeck


    http://prntscr.com/j3ka27 tell me what you want and an offer for it
  3. Im Aspeck

    Count to -10000

  4. Im Aspeck

    died to glod and lost status?

    ok, do you think there is a chance i will get my hc status back since the yak wouldntve done more then 99 dmg in that short amount of time?
  5. Im Aspeck

    died to glod and lost status?

    @Crux can you explain how it did, i was at yaks for about 50 kills which definetly cant do more then 99 dmg from glod. I was in full dharoks at the yaks, and in the photo i provided, yaks dont stun. its obviously a death from glod. check my yak kc if you want, its very low, you cant get hit over 99 dmg by yaks in under 100 kc
  6. Im Aspeck

    died to glod and lost status?

    hey, so i was afking at yaks for about 10-20 mins then i saw that glod was alive so i went to kill it. I had been to the bandos one before and died without losing my rank and alot of staff said it was a safe death, as shown in the photos i will provide, i was stunned twice. yaks dont stun... glod does... Id really like my hcim status back and if this was fixed it would be awesome http://prntscr.com/j0lm6z https://prnt.sc/j0lltt https://prnt.sc/j0llzq Thanks, -Aspeck / Spaghetti
  7. Im Aspeck

    $1000 end of the year prize locking topic 04/14/18

    im in, would like a little computer upgrade
  8. Im Aspeck

    Count to -10000

  9. Im Aspeck

    Count to -10000

    ok lets start from scratch, soft did -1, ill do -1.01
  10. Im Aspeck

    Count to -10000

  11. Im Aspeck

    New Video: Havoc RSPS Goodybag and Dri Giveaway!

    not sure if you prefer igns on yt vid or here so ill do both <3 IGN: Im Aspeck
  12. Im Aspeck

    Count to -10000

  13. Im Aspeck

    fishing cape emote

    hey, this is a pretty cool bug, one of my favourites tbh, http://prntscr.com/itmtss you go invis when you do the emote its actually amazing
  14. Im Aspeck

    herb cleaner

    if you try cleaning herbs without enough money in your inv or pouch it wont charge you
  15. Im Aspeck

    50k Frost Dragon Bones

    i presume he is going for 200m pray exp