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  1. 1st

    [SUPPLY DROP] - $-Sale-$

  2. 1st

    Rewards for completing set diaries?

    +1 On this post for sure! Rewards for the achievements will give incentive for their completion
  3. 1st

    How fast can you type?

    Is that showing up as a picture for you or as code?
  4. 1st

    How fast can you type?

    I've always been a fairly above average typist, and it always interests me on how I compare to my peers. That said, everyone should go to play.typeracer.com and test their typing speed and share it in the comments Here's my score:
  5. 1st


    If the ::afk option were say remove a player from the "online" player count, we would heavily benefit. I find it quite annoying when I see the player count at 160 and there are 55 afk players online...
  6. 1st

    Max cape

    +1 on this all the way mate, I think this is a super important update!
  7. 1st


    I see the appeal in the idea, but at the same time our developers could better spend there time adding content with more pull than ones like this!
  8. 1st

    Well ... XD

    TY mate Gotchya Beat m8 Good luck! I felt the same way about my first aswell ! Gotta get to bossing and skilling mate
  9. If you've donated up to $50, there are a pool of quality benefits you get. Within these benefits is the ability to travel to the ::Skillingzone area, and make use of all the great tools it provides. As an avid skiller, I'm a huge fan of this area, but I think there could be slight adjustments made that would increase its quality. 1st: Adding a bank to the SkillingZone woodcutting area would make it worthwhile to cut there, right now it's not.
  10. 1st

    Well ... XD

    I was very surprised today, when at 75 wcing I received this lovely message....
  11. 1st

    Tormented Demons Fix.

    Yeah true, I've only recently noticed this! Rough price man...
  12. 1st


    How much for ruby bolts (E)?
  13. 1st

    Tormented Demons Fix.

    I agree with nearly every point stated in your arguement! First, claws being 300-400m right now is absolutely insane... Let's think about the fact that people were donating $80 to get claws just a couple of weeks ago. Right now donating $80 for claws would be embarrassing. Second, the slayer requirement for TD's should most definitely be atleast 92. Abyssal demons drop abyssal whips, which are subpar to Dragon claws. Because Abby demons have a slayer requirement of 85, it is obvious that TD's should have a requirement in the 90's. Finally, adding a 3-hour account restriction on bossing may be a bit harsh, and discourage players from joining as they are restricted from high quality content for a large chunk of their starting experience. Simply adding realistic slayer levels to proper bosses will stop low levels from entering certain bosses, which is indirectly adding this 3 hour timer that you're requesting. Other than these points, I believe there are other changes that can be made to ALL bosses that will help add longevity to the economy of this server. Thanks for this great post, it's stirring up the right kind of conversation in the community.