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  1. 1st

    [SUPPLY DROP] - $-Sale-$

  2. 1st

    How fast can you type?

    Is that showing up as a picture for you or as code?
  3. 1st

    How fast can you type?

    I've always been a fairly above average typist, and it always interests me on how I compare to my peers. That said, everyone should go to play.typeracer.com and test their typing speed and share it in the comments Here's my score:
  4. 1st

    Well ... XD

    TY mate Gotchya Beat m8 Good luck! I felt the same way about my first aswell ! Gotta get to bossing and skilling mate
  5. 1st

    Well ... XD

    I was very surprised today, when at 75 wcing I received this lovely message....
  6. 1st


    How much for ruby bolts (E)?
  7. 1st


    Welcome to Havoc lad, say hey if you see me around
  8. 1st


    Embrace the luck honestly, not often will you see odds being defied like this !
  9. 1st

    Introduction 101

    DECEMBER 29th Added
  10. 1st

    Road to...

    This grind HYPES me up! Hope you manage to achieve it, keep us posted.
  11. 1st

    New goal ;p

    Love to see the grind, let's see that comp cape ASAP bro.
  12. 1st

    How to Max an Ultimate Ironman

    This guide is insane, thank you for taking the time to write it for all of those that need the help
  13. 1st

    After a long grind :)

    Congratulations A N T I ! Happy to see the max grind is finally complete, now gimme all of your supplies