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  1. Ossenaar

    Game Updates - 04/23/2018

    Thank you for this update fam, keep it up cheers
  2. Ossenaar

    LOOT FROM .....?

    Seems like a cool idea to something like that
  3. Ossenaar

    Max Hit Dummy

    That is already added
  4. Ossenaar

    Max Hit Dummy

    Seems like a good idea, seems like an option to make the ::maxhit correctly would solve this problem perfect
  5. Ossenaar

    Game Updates - 04/11/2018

    Nice update man ! thanks alot
  6. Ossenaar

    Iron man Blood Money store

    Thank you for seeing this hope he will add this
  7. Ossenaar

    Game Updates - 03/27/2018

    Thanks fam for the update!?
  8. Ossenaar

    Game Updates - 22/03/2018

    Amazing, thank you for the D&D. Thanks for the other updates too!
  9. Ossenaar

    Complete Staff Feedback

    @Oath thank you for calling me ok
  10. Ossenaar

    Staff Update 18/03/2018

    Thanks for the promotion
  11. Ossenaar

    Trade cc removal

    Would love to see the trading happening for everyone too
  12. Ossenaar

    Game Updates - 03/14/2018

    Great work mate.
  13. Ossenaar

    maxed hcim symbol?

    Also for normal ironman, or ultimate ironman, a icon for them would be great actually.
  14. Ossenaar

    Antidote ++

    I personally think hat 12minutes is alot, also there sanfews ingame cheers bro
  15. Thank you crux, hope the trades will go smoothly now.
  16. Ossenaar

    Game Updates - 03/04/2018

    Great work fam
  17. Ossenaar

    Game Updates - 02/21/2018

    Thank you for this update daddy
  18. Ossenaar

    3 words storytime

    Amazing big tits
  19. Ossenaar

    Staff Update 09/02/2018

    Thank you @Littlee