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  1. XiGodX

    Game Updates - 04/11/2018

    awesome updates and works......thanks for this release!!! would be good to know what 12 new items have been added to the smbs?
  2. XiGodX

    Trade cc removal

    agreed 10000000000000000000000%, we don't need so many CCs when we have only 100-200 ppl at any one time. A CC can accommodate 500 ppl, we are still a long way to go to reach this number. Creating additional and unnecessary CC will not improve this server but defeat the purpose. Too many CCs for only a small population will overkill the idea of improvement. Please remove and create a trade CC only when we have sufficient number of players.
  3. XiGodX

    100M giveaway :)

  4. XiGodX

    The Phantom Fist

  5. XiGodX

    Tool Belts

    I am not sure if our toolbelt is usable or effective. Will be great if we could store those tools in the belt so we don't have to tele back to get the tool we need or sometimes we forget to bring it along. Also with tools in belt, we could save inventory spots for other things. Please consider this as part of an improvement. In OSRS, items could be added to tool belt to save time and spaces.
  6. XiGodX

    virtual levels

    well, I like that idea preferably if the xp could go unlimited (though unlikely).... will be nice to see ur xp keep growing by each day though
  7. XiGodX

    The Phantom Fist

    hey bro, lol I thought u quit.... please don't.... we need good players like u ....
  8. XiGodX

    Lets Help the Popularity of HAVOC PS

    I have discussed with Rasta about another possible improvement to the game in helping Havoc PS financially is to allow gifting from one player to another..... many players may not be cash players but need some items from the store. If we could allow gifting in return or exchange with ingame gold will certainly help. There are many players who can afford real cash as donation for store purchases. For instance, if one cash buyer can purchase say infernal cape and gift it to another non-cash player in exchange for ingame gold will be great. Please consider!
  9. XiGodX

    Lets Help the Popularity of HAVOC PS

    Thanks Rasta for your comments. finally a positive comments from a Game Advisor!! We truly need more positive staff supports like you in this game! Indeed! Cheers! Personally I have already introduced 4 friends into this game and they enjoyed it!! Cheers! In total I have introduced 8 friends now, 4 from OSRS, 2 from League and 2 haven't played RS before and they are enjoying Havoc PS.... lets bring more friends guys!!!
  10. XiGodX

    Fist's MSI Z370 SLI Plus Motherboard Giveaway!

    IGN: XiGodX Good luck to everyone and Good luckiest to Xigodx!! lol
  11. XiGodX

    Lets Help the Popularity of HAVOC PS

    Thanks for your support, Fist. Surprisingly, comments from staff supports swayed from the objectives of my thread while One commented that I know nuts about pets and another to the extend of giving last warning. (How friendly?). I suppose. If you guys think otherwise, I have no problems by not bothering to post anything at all and just enjoy or play this game as usual until I quit and move to somewhere else. Was about to spend some hard earned cash as donator this weekend but I guess, I just have to put it on hold. You can delete or close this thread by all means!! Good luck Havoc!!
  12. Hello fellow players, Personally I find this HAVOC PS is very interesting and funs to play and even though I was a hardcore player with OSRS 07 with maxed skills, I decided to leave that game and joined this Havoc PS for a change. Though I have just started playing for a while, the amazing works and efforts by Havoc and staff are awesome and friendly. The only problem is we do not have sufficient number of players in this PS and I certainly hope we as players must do something about it. We have been farming and grinding for the betterment of our game and Havoc developer and staff supports have done tremendous good jobs to ensure everyone of us benefits and enjoy this game. In return, we as players should try our best to help Havoc to next level by introducing our friends to play this game. When popularity increases, this will help to inject financially to the game thus improving and upgrading this game in general. To maintain this game without having any broken or bugged issues, any game developer needs to spend a lot of time, efforts and finances for hardcore players like us to enjoy. As decent players, we can do our part to help Havoc in maintaining this game as long as possible in many ways, just to suggest a few below: Some may opt to donate, while others may opt to bring in more friends and introduce them of this friendly atmosphere. Some may help if not financially, as support staff either in forums and/or as game moderators. Basically, the purpose of my thread here is, personally, I love to this see game to grow over time and hopefully more players will join this PS, this will help the economy to grow as well both ingame and financial supports. Lets make this game popular and lets do whatever we can to help Havoc. Please do our part as players if you enjoyed playing this OSRS.
  13. XiGodX

    Bugged on Super Magic Potion

    this thread can be closed now, its my mistake, I need to combine ground mud runes with it to make it extreme magic... thanks for the info.
  14. XiGodX

    Bugged on Super Magic Potion

    I need to make Overload and I need this bug fixed urgently. thanks!!
  15. XiGodX

    Completionist = Complete!