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  1. XiGodX

    100M giveaway :)

  2. XiGodX

    The Phantom Fist

    hey bro, lol I thought u quit.... please don't.... we need good players like u ....
  3. XiGodX

    Fist's MSI Z370 SLI Plus Motherboard Giveaway!

    IGN: XiGodX Good luck to everyone and Good luckiest to Xigodx!! lol
  4. XiGodX

    Bugged on Super Magic Potion

    this thread can be closed now, its my mistake, I need to combine ground mud runes with it to make it extreme magic... thanks for the info.
  5. XiGodX

    Bugged on Super Magic Potion

    I need to make Overload and I need this bug fixed urgently. thanks!!
  6. XiGodX

    Bugged on Super Magic Potion

    just wondering why no reply to this bugged report? Please advise.
  7. XiGodX

    Bugged on Super Magic Potion

    When I combined unfinished Landatyme Potions with Cactus, it gave me magic potions and not Super Magic. It should be Super Magic Potions. Please check and correct my potions please. TYVM
  8. XiGodX

    Completionist = Complete!

    is there any different from Max Cape as compared to Completionist Cape? Where do I check?