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  1. Jero

    Tribrid Tournament 18 september

    Very nice work making this, it's very well made and clear. Sadly though, I'm a very bad tribrid lol I'll definitely be spectating.
  2. Jero

    My goodbye

    This is a very nice community, I enjoyed participating and spending hours answering questions non-stop while pvming and slaying spiders and bears. My best memories will probably be seeing my target rushing up to my wilderness level while I was doing wilderness slayer, and the happiness of all the positive comments from the numerous suggestions I made to the game, along with the 2 guides I made. Those who are wondering why their wonderful Jero, Jerome by the way, is leaving, it's because my first day of University in Administration just started, and I decided that the only game that is and always will be in my heart is osrs. Almost 2.1k total by the way!!! (I'm probably one of the highest levels here, since most ppl who play private servers are people that aren't rich as fuck and high total in osrs xD) This server, notably, got me 86-90 woodcutting and a lot of joy while playing. Things that surprised me on the server? Whether it be the trust the random people had for others or the chill staff (especially the developer, first time I heard him talk I was like woahhh. Seriously, I was expecting a serious, strict guy that would never pull a single laugh quite the contrary, sadly didn't get to really talk to and get to know though), it was a mix of everything that made this server pleasant. The past private servers I went to were 100% PKing, and it sure changed in this one. What I'm sad about at this server? Probably my luck at the duel arena, which I only went to about 5 times during my stay here. I also would have liked to be a staff, considering how I was helping people every minute of playing, sometimes even alone without any other staff online. But that's okay, what matters is the thanks you get, not the status/duty you have that makes you help them in the first place. I hope this server finds great success! You guys are at a good start. Putting aside the current economy and pathing, what truly matters is the community, and this is something that even osrs lacks at some moments, is the respect. For people who did know me a bit more than your average players, I'll give you a few fun facts you never knew about me: I'm French; I live in Quebec. (Canada) I go to school in French, have French friends(absolutely 0 English friends), have a French gf (who should probably practice her English, but hey, that's okay), only place I get to speak/type/practice English is with my parents and you guys. I'm in Administration now, but spent 2 years in Computer Science, which I really hated, hence the transfer. While being a student, I'm also in the Canadian Armed Forces. Best of luck to everyone!
  3. Jero

    Tormented Demons Beginner's guide

    If not anti-PKing and aiming for pure profit, at the end of the trip I personally always leave with 0 doses left and 0 food, so I found 2 restores and 1 sanfew to be the perfect amount to have, especially since you often end up having to drop sharks since there are so many drops. Once again no problem.
  4. After over 1000 kc dry of tormented demons, I may not have gotten any drops, but I optimized my setup and always easily beat anyone around me in kills. If you're a new player, you're at the perfect place. In this guide, I won't only be telling you how to kill tormented demons, but how to get a setup to later on do other bosses with fairly good gear! How your average fight will be When you start a kill at tormented demons, the tormented demon will be praying melee. You'll range it until it starts praying ranged. This will rarely happen since you'll kill it so fast the it'll go from melee to mage pray and won't have time to switch to ranged. Basically put, you need a melee switch, but you don't need much at all. The tormented demon WILL hit you, he uses all 3 styles, since you're almost always at a distance, you're good from melee, and ranged can hit up to 30's be it's VERY inaccurate, and you won't find yourself eating much; you can afk up to 3 kills, easily. Wilderness You're in the wilderness! It's up to you to decide how long you stay, and what you risk! I tend to overstay, at my own risk though. Be careful because overstaying can be the death of you! With an amulet of glory, you're 3 wilderness levels from teleporting. ***Don't forget to check your glory every trip. Quick prayers Protect from Magic, Eagle Eye, Protect Item. For those who don't know how quick prayers work, right-click on the prayer icon beside the minimap to set, and left-click to activate.. https://imgur.com/a/0ZsI8 Rich noobs Before I get into the setup, I have a message for all you rich noobs. I will recommend a glory, and not a fury, and not an amulet of ranging. this is because having a teleport at 30 wilderness saves a ton of time and can easily save your life from a pker. If you really want to, you can wear fury or amulet of ranging, but bring glory in your inventory (not really worth it, but hey! Do what you like.). DON'T BRING A RING OF WEALTH. The feeling of discovering that a 50k item you're wearing keeps over your 200m ring is the worst feeling ever. A bunch of the drops keep over it to, if you're thinking "Oh then I'll just bring 4 items for a better drop rate, jokes on him!". Buying items This part's to make your life easier! I'll tell you where to buy every single thing! I recommend buying labout 10 of each, and most rune knives you can (like 3k if you have a fair amount of gp). Range Store: Ava's Accumalator, Archer's helm, Snakeskin Boots, Rune knives Mage Store: Book of Law Melee Store: Dragon Scimitar, Amulet of Glory (4) Setup This setup has been made over 1000 kills of kills these sweet things. The only way to make this gear better is to have armadyl etc, so I'm keeping expensive things out of this setup. If you own a better piece of ranged gear, you're probably aware that it's better (or so I hope), so please don't reply telling me it's better. Inventory setup - https://imgur.com/a/wVloh Pretty basic, the sanfew works as a super restore but cures poison. This is in case a PKer poisons you. Zamorak brew is the same as a super combat, but with ranged too, for those who don't know. The weapon can be replaced by anything you'd like, as long as it's not bronze. Gear setup - https://imgur.com/5ooU8Fs This gear setup can be changed a bit, a bit being an overstatement. For more specifications, read below. The only item that isn't very important is archers ring (i). In the setup, there are a total of 5 items that can be replaced: chest slot, leg slot, glove slot, ring slot, melee weapon in inventory Karil's Leathertop <- Black d'hide body***GO SEE OPTIMIZATION Karil's Leatherskirt <- Black d'hide chaps***GO SEE OPTIMIZATION Barrows [Gloves] <- Black d'hide vambraces ***GO SEE OPTIMIZATION Archer's Ring (I) {This item is ALWAYS kept on death} <- Archer's Ring <- Nothing ***The ring I costs 3k bm, don't worry about this one, having nothing doesn't matter and won't make that much of a difference. For rune knives, bring about 200-300 per trip. Melee Weapon <--- This is completely to your choice, i personally use whatever weapon I see first in my bank, just use a dragon scimitar if you don't have any other melee weapons. this'll be used like once every 5 minutes for 1 hit, so it really doesn't matter. I strongly recommend following my advice concerning the first 3 slots mentioned, even though they can be switched, which will be at the end of the guide on optimization. "Juking" your enemies Juking, aka escaping, is probably the easiest thing to do when at tormented demons. They're aggro, aka aggressive, so just run from one extremity to the other and run down when you feel like it, most pkers get discouraged quickly. If 4 pkers come, you're screwed (if they know what they're doing, but they usually don't.) Anti PKing This section will be coming soon. Optimization This part is for new players only, or players that have been playing a bit but haven't really dug into getting better gear in general. While this part isn't at all mandatory, I VERY STRONGLY recommend doing this. If you're new, you don't yet have barrows gloves or barrows pieces. My recommendation to you is to go to ::barrows, and go kill the karil's brother(straight south from the teleport spot) with a basic melee setup until you get the karil's top and bottom, along with barrows gloves. This part's all about RNG, but it shouldn't take too long at all. With average luck, in less than 20 minutes you should have those 3 things.
  5. Jero

    Wilderness Slayer

    Even with a scout, there's one entrance. For sure they have potentially good drops, but as I said, I don't think it's worth going to, just because of all the pkers and longs kills.
  6. Jero

    Wilderness Slayer

    This guide will be to introduce wilderness slayer to anyone who's interested in doing it. The first thing to know is that any pk account HAS TO do wilderness slayer. If you're someone who wants to eventually switch to normal slayer, I recommend you make a new account before spending more time on your pk account. The Wilderness slayer master is located east of the shops, in Edgeville. Slayer points can be spent on things that Krystilla has for sale, which is the same things as normal slayer masters. Spending Points As a pk account, the points you'll want to spend to optimize time might vary a bit, since from the get-go, you can get tasks that can potentially take a really, really long time. In general, you should save up to atleast 30 points, and buy a torso as soon as you can if it's a goal you were eventually aiming for, which has a cost of 25 points. Slayer points are very important to have when doing Wilderness slayer, so try not to waste them. What I mean by this is to not necessarily camp up to 200 points and directly spend them on a ring of wealth. You're going to want to keep some on standby, in case you get a very bad task. Eventually, you can buy whatever you want. Anything's good. Go with what's currently being sold. Slayer helm and ring of wealth are 2 solid choices. When you complete a task, you get 10 points. Every 10 tasks in a row completed, you get 50 points instead of 10. Here's an example, just to make this phrase more clear: Task 1 to 9 -> 10 Points per task Task 10 -> 50 Points Task 11 to 19 -> 10 Points per task Task 20 -> 50 Points [...] Task 50 -> More than 50 points, will be updated as soon as I know. If you know, please tell me. Skipping/Blocking tasks When you're doing wilderness slayer, there are some tasks that are an absolute no. The 2 I've found since I've started, along with one that's optional, are: Lava Dragons: This is, without a doubt, the worst possible task you can get in this game. You need to skip this task the moment you get it, and block it as soon as possible. With about 40 kills to do when you receive the task itself, the worst part isn't even killing them, which is, by the way, a very slow kill. Lava dragons are pk paradise. Even if you bring full brews and don't pick up a single item, there is absolutely no means to escape from there. 2 players who don't really know how to pk and have freeze can easily kill you. Chaos Fanatic: This one have extremely high health, ask for a lot of attention and hit really high. All these 3 reasons make this a simple no when doing tasks. If it gets nerfed in the near future, it might become worth it. Until then, I recommend you skip it and block it if possible. Crazy Archeologist: This one actually isn't so bad, I happen to enjoy killing it. It's a bit easier to do than Chaos Fanatic, so it isn't quite as hard to kill it, but if you're looking for faster slayer, you should definitely look into blocking this one. Anti-PKing When on any tasks, you have the choice of going there ready to anti-Pk, or not. What I mean by this is if you do want to anti-PK, you need to bring everything. By this I mean a special attack weapon, a ranged/melee switch, and vengeance. Protecting yourself Bringing a scout is an option when doing Wilderness Slayer. Depending on the task at hand, it could be useful to have. If doing something like revenants, having a scout could be useful. Simply being alert is also good. If below 20 wildy, have ::edge pre-typed can always be a good idea. This part's, to be honest, probably even more important than having a scout. When you're doing Wilderness Slayer, LOOK AT YOUR TARGETS. It's as easy as pie to see if you're targets running to your level wilderness and searching for you. It's also hilarious if you're underground, since they almost never find you (in edge dungeon). If you get a person you know is a PKer, skip them, and you might want to run or atleast stock up on food just in case, since a PKer looking for people doing slayer will notice if their targets skips them in a heartbeat. If you get a target that's 2-8 wilderness, they're mostly likely doing risk fights or dharok's fights, so those targets are good to keep. For those who are thinking "Jokes on them! I'll just use my alt and make it my main's target.", the jokes on you, because you can't get your alt as a target. Mysterious Emblems A thing to know about Wilderness Slayer is that apart from revenants and lava dragons (lava dragons should be skipped or blocked), they all have nothing good in there drop table, BUT. Since you're doing Wilderness Slayer, any creature that you're doing on task, and I repeat any, drops Mysterious Emblem. Expect about 2 per task. These can be used when pking targets and can be traded at the emblem trader for 200 blood money when they're at level one. These add up, pick them up when you get some. Also, pay attention, since sometimes they're hard to spot and won't appear in the chatbox like most drops do. Slayer Locations Time for the biggest part! Bandits -> Castle dragons, run north around the castle and follow the lava path. I recommend bringing ranged to these, since they're a bit far apart. Black Demons -> Edgeville dungeon teleport (or just run there), go to the wilderness, northwest. Black Knights -> Venenatis boss tele, and run north-west. Chaos Fanatic -> Bosses, Chaos Fanatic. Crazy Archeologist -> Bosses, Crazy Archeologist. Deadly Red Spiders -> Edgeville dungeon teleport (or just run there), go to the wilderness, northwest, south of the black demons. Earth Warrior -> Edgeville dungeon teleport (or just run there), go to the wilderness, north, swing over the bars, north again. Ghosts -> Bosses, Crazy Archeologist Run north to 27 wilderness. I recommend bringing ranged to these, since they're a bit far apart. Giant Bat -> ::mb, right outside to the west. Giant Spiders -> Wilderness teleports, last page, lava dragons, run north-west. Green Dragons -> Wilderness teleports, east/castle/graveyard dragons. Grizzly Bears -> From the slayer master, run north for about 13 wilderness levels. I recommend bringing ranged to these, since they're a bit far apart. Lava Dragons -> Wilderness teleports, last page, lava dragons. (DON'T DO THIS TASK IF YOU CAN SKIP IT) Lesser Demons -> Bosses, King Black Dragon teleport, Moss Giants -> Bosses, Tormented demons, run east for a while. For those more familiar with OSRS, they're by the canoe, north of black chins. Revenants -> There are 2 options that I found. The first option is easier, and the second option can be more rewarding. Option 1: Bosses, Crazy Archeologist, There's an ork west and a hellhound south. Option 2: ::mb, run southwest. (by the building with the ladder) There's a dark beast and a knight. The dark beast hits hard, so vengeance can be very useful, and be careful at this one. Skeleton -> North of Krystillia (the slayer master) Zombies -> Graveyard Dragons, run south. Feel free to pm me about any questions on this, and feel free to post if I'm missing anything. I only posted every monster I've personally gotten, so I might not have every single one. Happy Slaying!
  7. When you bank at the chest and click on the ditch, you stay in your bank. You can also retrieve items from your bank; over the ditch. This is more minor, but ghosts and zombies explode on death. I'm putting this on because I do believe that this is in exclusion of the pathing that needs to be fixed.
  8. Jero

    Promethium dagger

    When you wield a promethium dagger, it appears it the equip chat as unarmed and you can choose between punching and kicking as if you had no weapon on, and the unarmed animation applies too, so you can for example kick a 35. The disadvantage to this is not being able to select a style, since the promethium dagger is a weapon prone to using stab.