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  1. Indominus

    $35give away!

    Idk if this is still going or not Ign Indominus
  2. Indominus

    Indominus Log

    Added a picture, still doing dragons // 99 melee stats // 99 prayer Been a little busy irl so haven't had much playing time
  3. Indominus

    Rank Requests

    https://gyazo.com/c4e0c25c739e26298bd45e85c4086adf Alfafa, i mean, Alpha please
  4. Indominus

    Indominus Log

    Update: Got 99 ranged, started doing some slayer hoping I can get 85 slayer pretty quickly... How big of a let-down that was lol. Gonna be farming blue drags/green drags for 99 prayer today, and then my next goal is 85/90 slayer for an abby whip + dark bow
  5. Indominus

    Indominus Log

    Decided since I'm a fresh account (extreme might I add) I'd go ahead and make a Drop Log / Achievement Log Will post what I'm currently doing // when It's achieved // or what drops I get. Will make a new comment for each one, plus i'll edit it into the main body (this post) to make it easier to follow Current Goal: Farm green/blue dragons for 99 prayer Next Goal: 85/90 Slayer, for abby whip + dark bow Achieved: Dharok Set + Barrows Gloves 99 Ranged Alpha Rank Pictures
  6. Indominus

    After a long grind :)

    Grz bro lol. Gl on comp Did u max out a regular acct btw? Or did it have exp restrictions?
  7. Indominus

    New goal ;p

    Gl mate! I don't have the patience to max accounts, let alone comp em lmfao
  8. Indominus

    special attack from nurse at home

    My personal opinion, is it should be a feature for donors. Maybe make it 10/8/5/2 for the respective ranks (i forgot names of each rank and the color order as I'm still new) Would make the most sense as it should be a donor feature, but spec restore pots should.be put ingame if they're not already.
  9. Indominus

    How fast can you type?

    I'm usually 60-80 wpm if I'm at home. I think my highest on a test/game was 150? Though I never liked that racing game because I can't type fast if I'm reading something. I type fastest if it's from my.brain
  10. Indominus

    SkillingZone [Quality of Life update]

    Donor zones should definitely be a focus, the better they are, the more people donate. These look like great ideas, and relatively easy. Even though you get ::bank (or whatever the command is) on the islands, having an actual bank next to each skilling area (wc, fishing, etc) would probably be a smart idea also.
  11. Indominus

    Well ... XD

    Congrats!!! Love the idea of skilling pets
  12. Indominus


    Either that, or just have the player sit on the ground like the "Rest" feature runescape used to have for restoring run energy? Would be a lot easier to code
  13. Indominus


    Yeah, I'm sure we have a lot in common. My title used to be "Forum Slave" I'm sure you'll see me lurking on herr quite a bit and ty lol
  14. Indominus

    Game Updates - 12/24/2017

    Looks good crux! Keep up the awesome updates
  15. Indominus


    Tyty lol Was ingame for a lil bit starting my acct. Managed to get 70 atk/str/def and a dh set + barrows gloves Getting max is gonna be fun as a extreme xp acct lol