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  1. Indominus

    $35give away!

    Idk if this is still going or not Ign Indominus
  2. Indominus

    Indominus Log

    Added a picture, still doing dragons // 99 melee stats // 99 prayer Been a little busy irl so haven't had much playing time
  3. Indominus

    Indominus Log

    Update: Got 99 ranged, started doing some slayer hoping I can get 85 slayer pretty quickly... How big of a let-down that was lol. Gonna be farming blue drags/green drags for 99 prayer today, and then my next goal is 85/90 slayer for an abby whip + dark bow
  4. Indominus

    Indominus Log

    Decided since I'm a fresh account (extreme might I add) I'd go ahead and make a Drop Log / Achievement Log Will post what I'm currently doing // when It's achieved // or what drops I get. Will make a new comment for each one, plus i'll edit it into the main body (this post) to make it easier to follow Current Goal: Farm green/blue dragons for 99 prayer Next Goal: 85/90 Slayer, for abby whip + dark bow Achieved: Dharok Set + Barrows Gloves 99 Ranged Alpha Rank Pictures
  5. Indominus

    After a long grind :)

    Grz bro lol. Gl on comp Did u max out a regular acct btw? Or did it have exp restrictions?
  6. Indominus

    New goal ;p

    Gl mate! I don't have the patience to max accounts, let alone comp em lmfao
  7. Indominus

    How fast can you type?

    I'm usually 60-80 wpm if I'm at home. I think my highest on a test/game was 150? Though I never liked that racing game because I can't type fast if I'm reading something. I type fastest if it's from my.brain
  8. Indominus

    Well ... XD

    Congrats!!! Love the idea of skilling pets
  9. Indominus


    Yeah, I'm sure we have a lot in common. My title used to be "Forum Slave" I'm sure you'll see me lurking on herr quite a bit and ty lol
  10. Indominus


    Tyty lol Was ingame for a lil bit starting my acct. Managed to get 70 atk/str/def and a dh set + barrows gloves Getting max is gonna be fun as a extreme xp acct lol
  11. Indominus


    Hello, my name's Indominus. I've been in the rsps scene for about 3-4 years now, I started out on Drax's NR, which I then quit for about 2 years before moving to Jacmob's NR around June of this year. About me: I love forums, I'm usually always lurking around, either when I'm on my computer, or if I'm out and about I'll use my phone to see whats new on the forums. I believe forum activity is a huge thing for a community and I love to be involved. I've been a Moderator before on previous servers. I try NOT to spend money on online games, especially RSPS' but sometimes it's so tempting and a little tidbit about me, I do have a fresh tongue piercing I would say my irl name, but then that'd spoil who I was on previous servers and I'd like to keep those ghosts buried if possible, so I'll just go by Dylan I am a guy, and I'm 18 years old (woot woot, not really) and I love perverted humor... So if you got a dirty mind like me, we're bound to get along! Looking forward to playing on this server, as I heard about it from a few people (won't say who cause idk if they're here or not still nor do I know what or how much involvement they had in the community) Indominus out!