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Found 1 result

  1. D I E

    Suggestions to pvp changes.

    Alright, so basicly how pvp works now is 90% of the players pking are using ags as a spec weapon since every other spec weapon is pretty much really useless with no accuracy at all. It usually got a spec hitting for around 60-82 pretty much all the time, and other special attack weapons can't compare. Mainly i am talking about claws, as this normally is a really good weapon, that doesnt hit 0-0-0-0 67% of the time (i actually counted and did the math through around 70 special attacks in total). This is also with b-ring, fury, dboots, full dh, fire cape. Pvp get so onesided by having just one optimized spec weapon, that also could probably get a bit nerfed as it can hit up to 82 on full DH. I know a pvp patch will come, but im just suggesting some major buffs to claws in wildy. I would also suggest buffing ranged, as every pker is a dh'er. Might be more interesting for other people, specially new players, to see a wilderness using different styles of attacks. Please correct me if im wrong, but this is what i feel. Come with ur own suggestions, as they are already making a patch for pvp.