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Found 3 results

  1. Keepitiron

    Iron man Blood Money store

    Dear people, What you guys think about an ironman blood money store? I think it will be great if they add one. And add some nice and handy items for our ironman. Like cannonballs, gems, arrows, knifes, pots, runes, or skilling supplies. If you like to see other items please reply them. Imo it will be great for ironman who are doing wildy tasks and get some nice rewards from it. Please reply what you think guys <3 Kind regards,
  2. Logout

    Selling Blood Money

    Selling 24500 BM - Currently at 25k each! 612.5m total!
  3. Shaion

    double death pvp

    when i get a double death in edge dhing it says i get x amount of blood money in the chat but when i run to the pile its not there and ive lost over 800 bm to it but the other loot is there