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Found 10 results

  1. Bil223

    Crown system

    Hi, I paid the banker 100m to have 2 crowns behind my name, I cant pick my royal and alpha together. It just switches between them ! help
  2. Avi

    Ardy South bank clipping

    Ay yo my dudes it's ya boy..... UH Skinny penis, We got this clipping bug for y'all right here, basically ya talk to the bankmen, and it slides yo sweet ass right up in there.

    voting bug

    Hi,I took the time to record the voting process,I hope this short clip shows that I've almost completed the 100 vote achievement,since it has only been counting the votes as 1,I'm not counting the times I've received no reward or vote count,if the developer would take the time and have a look it would be great,thank you. voting bug.avi
  4. xXMidget69Xx

    runite bolts and rune cbow

    You cannot shoot normal runite bolts out of a rune crossbow even though you can shoot dragon bolts (e) from it.
  5. Shaion

    bm drop glitch

  6. Rusty Slugs

    report bug

    rune rocks in wild near KBD don't seem to work. been tying to find a spot to mine them for the daily and noticed this is bugged. EDIT: rune ore north of ice plateau is also non mineable
  7. there is major ishue with curse prayers protect item. just lost whip with protect item on . with curse prayers. hope you take look with this thnx.
  8. OnlyLux

    primal long

    doesnt require any stats to equip op as fucki atm ty haha
  9. Lil Xan

    Cant step there

    Describe the bug in as much detail as you can - I'm trying to do a clue scroll and I cant step where I need to dig to get another clue scroll, I called "I Eat Bread" and he couldn't step on there either, cant finish clue. Can it be replicated? If so how? - I don't know Any additional information - http://www.part.lt/perziura/ab6a5edea15859b995db3f77346fbe8a466.png
  10. Entiy

    Abyss is pretty buggy

    So the pathing in the abyss is completly broken, and you can hardly access some rifts. it can be replicated by running through the abyss. It's not all that game breaking, but it sure it fking annoying and it could be better.