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Found 1 result

  1. Doc

    Being Cheeky

    So in college, I usually skip a class leaving an email to the instructor, but since I skip a lot I end up writing A LOT of messages and they're all essentially the same and it's very tedious, so since I'm lazy and college is near to save myself precious seconds I made this little program using NodeJS. Basically, I feed it my email provider and my login details I enter the sender and receiver with the subject (can be empty) This is my favourite part of this entire project I can format the email using HTML and CSS meaning I can make it professional in its formatting thus more believable when I lie through email to my professors! and I just run the program oh and I use nodemon its pretty nifty I use nodemon for my discord self-bot aswell! and this is the outcome And this is how you send an email one just a click of a button without entering the web! This is unrelated to anything I just thought I'd share this since I will be using this in a practical sense. I have not shown the brain of this program.