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How to start out in havoc

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Hey Havoc, 
I have a guide for you today. There are many different ways to start out in the wonderful world of Havoc depending on the route you choose.

I am only going to cover normal and iron man accounts.

Normal - You load into the world with very basic gear and 1m cash. There are many different routes you can take and i will cover just a few of them.

When you load into the world and you go to do your basic training (level up attack strength defense hit-points range and magic) Rock crabs is one of the better places to start id recommend training until you have between 50-60+ hp by going to the big T under the minimap and click rock crabs. After that you have two choices 

  • Go to thieving and earn yourself between 500m-1.1b 
  • Getting full dharoks and dh bombing slayer task.

 To do thieving just click on the T go to skilling and click thieving then click on stalls and high level pick pocketing. (go into your settings and turn on always right click to make pick-pocketing easier.) pickpocket the man that will be right next to you until you have level 5 thieving. Next go to the bakers stall on the north-eastern section of ardounge until you have 35 thieving. (don't save the cakes or bread they are not worth a lot.) then go south to the fur stall and steal fur until 70-80 thieving. 80 will take longer but will make you more money in the long run, it's entirely up to you. (you can sell these furs to the trader right next tot he stall) If you stopped at 70 you can pickpocket paladins there is one to the west of the stalls. Once you hit 80 this is where the real money comes in. 100-150m ish and hour!!! PICKPOCKET THE HERO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Do this until you have made about 500m-1.1b ish kind of money. Once you have your money you can buy yourself a bandos Armour set for about 300m, a Dragonfire shield for about 100m, an abyssal whip for about 80m, a Fury for about 30-40m, and dragon boots for about 2-5m. (also optional but a berserker ring cost about 40-60m ish but isnt necessary.) The reason i said 1.1B is because a chaotic rapier is 500-600m and is better then a whip so if you want to put in the time to get it its way better then a whip. DISCLAIMER!!!!!!!!! PLEASE BUY AND SELL IN THE TRADE CHAT IT IS A NEW RULE AND YOU WILL BE KICKED FROM HELP CHAT IF YOU SPAM BUYING AND SELLING IN HELP CHAT. 

once you have this gear go to the T once again click skilling and go to slayer then teleport to your slayer master. You can assign a different slayer master once you level up slayer more and more. do slayer task until you have accumulated 200 slayer points then buy yourself a ring of wealth from the rewards shop! Now you have a high to semi high slayer level and can boss efficiently. (THIS IS MY RECOMMENDED WAY TO START OUT BECAUSE THE MONEY YOU EARN FROM SLAYER ONCE YOU HAVE ALREADY BOUGHT YOUR GEAR IS YOURS TO KEEP AND NOT SPENT UPGRADING YOUR GEAR LATE GAME INSTEAD. 

If you choose to pvm right away and say hey you know what Rich screw you I'm a rebel! Lol. Then listen to this route. To kill dharok for his armour you need to get 43 prayer for protect from melee. You can get prayer up with a few different methods. Either get the bones from another player whether it be a donation or a sale you can get it up that way. You could also kill the monsters yourself blue and green dragons are good to kill because they have a 1/80 chance of dropping a good amount of noted dragon bones. But no matter what you do don't pull a noob mistake and bury the bones USE THEM ON THE ALTAR AT HOME NEXT TO THE SHOPS. There is even a bank chest right next to it do not be lazy about it. If you're still feeling rebellious Rich screw you and your words! then please do bury the bones don't do the opposite of what i say just bury the bones :DD! once you have 43 prayer bring some prayer pots with you to ::barrows go south-east the the first hill and dharoks are all right there (turn on left click where available so you dont have to right click to attack him) pray melee and go to town to get his dh set. Drop rate here is 1/20 on all barrows pieces. Once you have a set or two or three you can start slayer (not all task are dh bombable like dragons) so you will need a dragon scimitar or whip. D scim is very very cheap and easy to obtain whip is a little more expensive but better then scim I only recommend d scim for str training. Once you have done slayer and accumulated 200 points buy a Ring of wealth you can continue slayer or do bossing but you cant really dh bomb a lot of the bosses so you do need some gear. 

Now I will talk about an iron man start :)!! With whatever iron man you start you will get 10k cash and an iron man exclusive armour set. For your start Click the T under your minimap and choose city and go to lumbridge. Run east across the bridge and kill goblins until you get a weapon preferably the steel sword drop which is a 1/40 rate or the bronze sword which is a 1/15 drop rate and an axe. Once you have both you can go to rock crabs and train or stay there but I'd recommend getting 60 attack and some strength levels defense isn't needed but recommended to train while you're at it. After this click the T and click skills and go to page two and click wood cutting then go to the low level trees. Get 30 wood cutting here so you can cut down the vines in brimhaven dungeon. Once you have 30 woodcut bring your axe with you a couple food in case you take damage running to fire giants. There is a spot in game where you can melee safe spot a fire giants and get yourself a dragon scim which is an incredible 1/5 drop rate. 
From here i recommend thieving cakes from the bakers stall and going to kill blue dragons for their bones until you get 43 prayer. Once you get 43 prayer go to dharoks and kill them to get a full set of their gear. From here you can do slayer with dh bombing but before slayer i recommend you make it so you can make prayer pots or you'll be teleing to restore your prayer a lot. a list of some things you can kill for gear upgrades

  • Nietiznot helm(s) - Yak 1/20 drop rate
  • statius helm - bork 1/750 drop rate
  • torva helm - nex 1/256 drop rate 
  • fire cape - Jad (fight waves) its only one wave and is really easy 1/1 drop rate
  • amulet of glory - crazy archaeologist 1/15 drop rate (wildy boss)
  • amulet of fury - chaos elemental 1/128 drop rate / skotizo 1/8 drop rate (wildy bosses)
  • dragon scimitar - fire giant 1/5 drop rate (this should be the only monster you kill for a d scim as iron man)
  • abyssal whip - abyssal demons 1/250 drop rate (85 slayer needed)
  • chaotic rapier - barrel chest 1/750 drop rate (wildy boss)
  • fighter torso - 25 slayer points
  • bandos chestplate - general graardor 1/256 drop rate
  • staius platebody - bork 1/750 drop rate
  • vesta's platebody - revenant ork / revenant knight 
  • torva platebody - next 1/256 drop rate
  • dragonfire shield - draconic visage and anti needed to make it 82 smithing required to combine it
  • dragon kiteshield - king black dragon 1/750 drop rate) (isnt a wilderness boss but you get teled to the wilderness entrence to its lair be careful)
  • dharok's platelegs - dharok 1/20 drop rate
  • bandos tassets - general graardor 1/256 drop rate
  • statius platelegs - 1/750 drop rate
  • vesta's plateskirt - rveanant ork / revanat knight
  • torva platelegs - nex 1/256 drop rate
  • barrows gloves - barrows brothers (verac dharok etc) 1/80 drop rate
  • dragon boots - nechryal 1/40 drop rate (80 slayer needed. didnt bother putting rune boots cause nechryeal drops those too)
  • berserker ring - dagganoth rex 1/128 drop rate
  • ring of wealth - 200 slayer points




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Posted (edited)

Some good details you have added in there! Good job! 


You can add some images to your thread, that's would be better ;) 

Edited by PrySin

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1 hour ago, Coffeemouse said:

Nice guide! Some images would really be a final touch!

I agree with this, Some images would be great but overall is an excellent guide

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really nice guide pal, I'm sure a lot of people would use this for a help in hand, thank you for making one ^_^but maybe add some images to make it a bit more visually appealing ;)

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Guest horrible

this guide reads like it was written by a kid on a sugar rush!


take time to articulate your thoughts into concise sentences. write as if you're the reader ESPECIALLY if it's a guide...

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