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FP's adventure to comp and infernal cape.

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Hi everyone,

Some might know me, some might not. I am FP, an ironman on supreme (5x exp) mode. In this topic I will regularly post my progress towards my two main goals; comping and getting an infernal cape. Things you can expect here include 99s, major achievements and big drops/unusual adventures.

These are my 2 biggest drop tabs and under that are my current stats.



Current total level: 1762

Below I will state some of the subgoals I want to achieve.

All combat skills 99 [ ]

First Non combat 99 [ ]

5 non combat 99s [ ]

10 non combat 99s [ ]

All non combat 99s [ ]

Maxed [ ]

Easy achievements [ ]

Medium achievements [ ]

Hard achievements [ ]

Elite achievements [ ]

Full elite void (all sets) [X]

Abyssal Whip [ ]

Dragonfire shield [ ]

Dragon kiteshield [X]

Full bandos [ ]

Full armadyl [ ]

Zammy spear [ ]

Ranger boots [ ]

Pegasian boots [ ]

Eternal boots [ ]

Primordial boots [ ]

Any non-regular spirit shield [ ]

Slayer helm [ ]

Full slayer helm [ ]

Chaotic Crossbow [ ]

Toxic Blowpipe [ ]

Dragon warhammer [ ]

Trident of the seas [ ]

Trident of the swamp [ ]

Whip mix [ ]

First nex drop [ ]

Full nex set [ ]

Full pernix [ ]


I hope you enjoy seeing my progress and this kind of blog and I am curious what the future will bring!

Edited by FP

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FP's adventure post #1

Today was the day of endless well events, and during double drops I went to Venenatis for a blood necklace. Instead I got this.


Not quite what I asked for but I'll take it. I thought that was it for today, but while training thieving the following appeared.


This is my first pet of hopefully many :P. Tomorrow I will not be online ingame at all but I will be on the forums, playing for 2 the day after. 

Have a nice day and thanks for reading!

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FP's adventure post #2

To achieve 99 mining I do every shooting star I can, and I must say, I got quite lucky the last 2 days.



I certainly upped my fasionscape game :P

After 146 venenatis I reached my goal of getting a Blood necklace! Good upgrade from the Glory.


Then a 3x agility event happened! I was stoked to Run Laps! But what I didn't expect, was the following..


This is my second pet at the moment.

That was it for this update, keep tuned for more in the near future and happy Havocing!

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This weekend was a good one. It was full of pvm. It started with a double drop event stacking a droprate increase, so doubled 60% drops. I decided upon trying my luck at balanced elemental, not too many kills later, this appeared.


This upped my pvm a lot from the dh/d scim and was more than welcome! After I got it I tried to start with gwd, which was surprisingly easy with some prayer flicking. Not long after, I got something that upped my pvm even more!


But that was not all! About 50 kills later I got these from a minion!


This is a direct upgrade from the infinity boots I was using, so I am super happy with them!


I started doing some Zulrah and Nex too, but not too much as I am still a bit undergeared for those. Here's what I'm currently using for my average melee pvm situation.


I won't have much time to play due to an exam on Wednesday but I'll try to make an update on friday, until then happy Havocing and see you ingame!

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WOW! you have made some insane progress man, nice to see you keeping everyone updated, can't wait to see your next update if its anything like this you will be making some boss achievements sharpish.^_^

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I have updated the original post with a list of sub-goals I would like to achieve and my current total level, if you think I'm missing anything please do not hesitate to tell me! :) 

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It's time for another update as I promised! I haven't been as lucky as usual, but the ones I got were not too bad.


This wil definitely up my fishing game! Next I tried my luck with some clues, and luck I got. Looks pretty cool too.


Pretty cool, huh? Next drop was from the double slayer drop day. I'm nearing 80 slayer right now so you can imagine the drops have been pretty bad thusfar, untill I got some strykewyrms.


That concludes this post. Hope to keep you updated in a few days, maybe on sunday if I get lucky! Who knows. Current total level: 1713.




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honestly your luck on drops is unreal! thank you for keeping us updated enjoy seeing your progress, keep up the good work man :D

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Very nice mate. :P This post makes me want to update mine more. :P I'll be on tonight and I'll update my thread. :D Keep this up mate.

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Hey, it's time for an update!

This week has not been very progressive. Though i've grinded much I didn't achieve as much as I'd hope to.

My drops started with a b2b drop at strykewyrms. Got a SoL and a farseer kite drop.


Also got a tome of frost on my slayer task, which is a pretty rad drop in my opinion seeing the 1/1k droprate.


I also got a D kite later after about 300 kc from KBD. I had been after it for a while but someone crashed me in alphazone earlier and got it then. 

Today I also got my first 200m, which is strenght. That's one more achievement out of the way :P


My current total level is 1762 and the personal goals I achieved this episode are:

Dragon Kiteshield

Full elite void (all styles)

I also started the grind for a lava whip but pkers are delaying it quite a bit.

That's it for this week, hope to get something good for the next entree and see you ingame!

Edited by FP

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Nice mate! Looking good! Keep us updated! <3 Good luck in future as well!

Also you could post the progress in the main thread not as comments, well eventually you're gonna go to next page, I suggest using spoilers and whenever you update just do a comment : *updated* (or something so it would refresh the thread to top)

Edited by Glue Sniffer

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