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Game Updates - 11/11/2017

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Hello Havoc community! With influx of a lot of new players we are doing our best to bring out as many updates as possible. Thanks everyone for your feedback in regards of what changes we have to make in order to make Havoc a better place. Without further ado, here is the list of today's updates:

Client Changes

  • Implemented new system for cache downloading. Client downloads should now be much faster and more reliable since we switched to CDN.
  • Created a new Launcher package for people who had problems running the client. If you are one of those people, please try using the following link: http://assets.havoc.ps/launcher/havoc.zip

Server Changes

  • Added proper level requirements to Primordial, Pegasian and Eternal boots.
  • Voting rewards will now work properly and give you increased PK rewards.
  • Added Slayer gem and regular Uncut gems to the General Store.
  • Added Antifire potions to the Supply store.
  • Added Blood money prices for Serpentine helmet and Toxic staff of the dead.
  • Changed Zulrah drop table to drop correct Serpentine helmet.
  • Added ability to eat Pineapple pizza, removed other redundant pizzas from the supply store.
  • Added ability to drink Guthix rest.
  • Changed Abyssal tentacle bonuses to match OSRS.
  • Removed Full Void accuracy decrease.
  • Replaced Red chinchompas in the Supplies store with a working version.
  • Added notice messages for increased Havoc key rates and OSGP donations.
  • Removed Zamorak brews from the game.
  • Replaced Zamorak brews in the bank loadout with Prayer potions.
  • Boosted Hitpoints will now deplete just like regular skills.
  • Hide tanning will now cost Blood money instead of Coins.
  • Added global announcement whenever someone gets shutdown from their killstreak.
  • In addition to you will now receive Vote points from voting which you will be able to exchange for cosmetic items in the future.
  • Ground items in the Wilderness will now disappear after 2 minutes.
  • Spawned a Doomsayer in Lumbridge for Clue Scroll completion.
  • Added a global drop table that will be applied to all monsters with missing drops. Contains useful skilling items.
  • Enabled Havoc key drops for Wilderness player killing.
  • Player count on the website will now be automatically updated by the server.
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Keep up the good work staff, i see you guys doing major changes which is a good thing and this will attract new players to join the havoc community <3

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Nice list of updates. Thanks for adding back the Doomsayer NPC, I can now finally continue with my elite clue scroll. Happy that I can now finally train crafting properly as well. Good work once again, Clapto. 

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