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Littlee's Goals

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Alrighty, I tried this not long ago, but I actually reached the goal of my original post here:


So what's the goal now? Well, the long-term goal of this account is to have all 200ms of course; however, that will have to come eventually. Right now, I'm going to focus on getting all of the skilling pets. While doing this, I'm going to be updating this thread with updates on my Hardcore Ironman I recently made. So below you'll find some achievements and goals of the account. :)


Maxed skiller as of 3/12/18:



Currently, Littlee only has one pet which is the Beaver. As of right now, I still need Heron, Baby chin, Rock Golem, Giant Squirrel, Tangleroot, Rocky, and Rift Guardian.


Hc Littlee:

Stats as of 3/12/18:












I haven't done a ton since last time I updated, been busy with college and my girlfriend, but i have been able to level just a little bit.





Not a ton has happened this week, it's been extremely busy because of college winding down for the semester, got about a month to go so cramming is happening. Only gained about 22 total over this week. :/




I actually have a log of all my defender drops, but I'll just post dragon as that's the only one people care about ;)



A few more of my drops so far: 










I will be updating this regularly. :)



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10 hours ago, Avi said:

gl <3


10 hours ago, Vilis said:

What a luck of drops..


11 hours ago, Run Laps said:

good luck lad, i'll be here watching ya ;)


12 hours ago, Dual said:

Congratz on your skiller max^_^ also good luck on hc don't die ;)


13 hours ago, Skillscape said:

GL with the Hardcore and congrats on max skiller! :)


19 hours ago, FP said:

Nice! Looking forward to your updates!!


23 hours ago, PrySin said:

Good luck with your goals :x


On 3/12/2018 at 11:46 PM, Softcore said:

Nerd ;)

Thanks guys. <333 I'll be sure to update this regularly. I'm just grinding slayer right now. (ironic right?)





Spent all my cash to buy the max cape. :)


Hc Littlee:

92 Prayer


Killed Jad and achieved firecape. :)


Still grinding out slayer; will update this with tomorrow's progress. :)


Edited by Littlee

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omfg nicce   skiller and   pretty  awesome   hc u got there already :P best of  luck :P

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