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Game Updates - 03/14/2018

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Greetings Havoc community members! Small list of patches today, unfortunately. The majority of my work this week went towards the engine in order to support the Chambers of Xeric, which will officially begin work soon. I have no ETA as this is a large project and I'm just one lad. Normal content updates and additions will continue, however.


Server updates:

  • New donator ranks have received benefits:
    • Legendary/Renowned/Celestial gain a Daily Task reset every 1 completed task
    • Legendary/Renowned/Celestial have a base blood money amount of 20
    • Legendary/Renowned/Celestial have a yell delay of 20, 10 and 0 seconds, respectively
    • Legendary/Renowned/Celestial base loyalty points are 5, 6 and 7 respectively
    • Legendary/Renowned/Celestial coal bag capacity is extended by 40, 50 and 60 respectively
    • Legendary/Renowned/Celestial can obtain up to 5 free instance scrolls
    • Legendary/Renowned/Celestial now have the maximum drop rate increase, 15%
    • Legendary/Renowned/Celestial now have 6, 7 and 8 Ecumenical keys respectively


  • Noted bone drops have changed
    • Elder no longer has any chance at receiving noted bones
    • Any rank Alpha and above always get noted bones from every monster
      • This feature can be toggled on and off using ::toggle-bone-note


  • Godwars kill count has changed
    • No rank - 30 kills
    • Elder/Alpha - 20 kills
    • Royal - 10 kills
    • Divine - 5 kills
    • Legendary/Renowned/Celestial - 0 kills


  • Instance scrolls that are located in the wilderness can now be used by anyone, not just ironmen. However you cannot purchase an instance that is located within the wilderness if you're not an ironman, this has not changed
  • Fixed a fairly common bottleneck that occurred when changing regions
  • Fix hit stacks not showing up (dragon claws, veng combos, etc)
  • You can no longer send trade requests "too quickly" (super annoying)


Client updates:

  • Added the orange M crown for @Rasta (Community Manager)
  • Lots of engine improvements and changes to support random/procedural/dynamic map generation (required for raids, construction, etc)
    • Example: v7XfdWU.gif
  • The renderer has been fixed to support actual FOV from your character without making surrounding regions turn black, also been working on a FOV based zoom (previously zoom simply changed how far away from your player the world was drawn, creating a zoom like effect, but doesn't really extend your field of view)
    • Before: vCgGN0H.png
    • After: 83SGoS4.png


Best regards,

Havoc Administration team

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Awesome mate. Can you remove the 5 second dice timer next time too please.


Highscores incoming ......... he says with glee and hope.

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