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Welcome to Havoc!

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Welcome to Havoc! We strive to meet the highest expectations as a private server, and offer both PvM and PvP experiences, alongside skilling.


What are we about?


We are a ECO PK Server revision 317. Mainly focused around oldschool material as well as having all pre-eoc additives, however on top of just PKing, bossing and skilling we offer a Real-World-Trade factor where you can make In-real life money while playing Havoc. The staff team revolves around players who are highly experienced with game knowledge, as well as staff members to moderate the game to make sure no foul play or inappropriate actions occur!


Community is #1 Priority


At Havoc we focus on community feedback and creating an enjoyable game for all. We'll always ask for feedback in regards of updates, as well as poll huge decisions to make sure it's not unfavorable for the community, this can be found under our Poll Section. Server events are also something we would like to strive in, including weekly events and seasonal events for rewards that cant be beat! We also prioritize our staff members to perform in the most efficient and respectable manner, as well as staff management to make sure our staff is constantly active and to be able to give assistance to our players! To view our current Staff team and to find whoever you'd like to contact, click this.


Release Date & More


Currently the beta is up, server release date will be 11/3/2017. You will be able to log on and save your characters data, and progress on the game, during this time you may experience slight bugs and issues, please report them so we're able to have the game at its highest performance (contact any staff member in-game/forums and they will let the developers know). We also plan on doing lots of marketing afterwards and also backed up currently by several Youtubers. There is lots to come in the future, we will strive in all possible marketing ways to insure there's others to enjoy the game play with you and create a large community in where we can all enjoy the game without the unnecessary grind!


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