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Game Updates - 22/03/2018

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Greatings Havoc community members. Small patch today, some bug fixes and a new Distraction and Diversion.

  •  Staff of light/Staff of the dead effect now only lasts 1 minute.
  • Dart fletching now makes sets of 10 instead of 15 Dart fletching now provides correct experience per dart instead of per set.
  • Herb cleaning has no delay per click, it is instant (like RS).
  • Super combat pots can now be decanted
  • Loyalty titles with spaces no longer have underscore (_) as space.
  • The herb cleaner will now take the correct amount of coins when your inventory/pouch does not contain enough.
  • Fix several minute issues with administrative commands/auto rewards (lottery, top pker, etc) not correctly parsing player names with capital characters General server performance improvements across the board.


Distraction and Diversion;

Edgeville Invader: Distraction and Diversion Every 2 hours a boss will invade Edgeville it can be (Glod, Bandos Avatar or Slash Bash). Two new boss pets are now obtainable. The boss is safe Has 25k HP All 3 bosses have varying mechanics and are intentionally difficult Everyone who participated and dealt over 1,500 damage gets 30 minutes of double experience Top damager gets 30 minutes of double slayer drops and 60 minutes of double experience Spawns behind Edgeville.

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