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Loyalty points as there useless atm

loyalty points we can only get titles, we should add stuff to it like

xp lamps 1k points per lamp

reg mbox as no one will ever buy them for 5$ in the donor store

fix mbox to only skilling supplies and remove it from the store as everyone buys smbs

make the mboxs 500 points ea 

Add in new cosmetics like cabbage cape ale of the god ring of coins samurai sword crier outfit

Give herb cape a perk of

making all potions in to (4) doses

add in magic secs when equipped double herbs 

mining cape at 99 double ore and a chance at double stardust

OK guys here me out on this one make barrows like osrs to make it more of a challenge for iron man 

Remove skotizo from the wildy oh no did softcore just say that omg here me out on this one as well make skotizo 500hp in it area with drop table the same as osrs making a purple slayer helm has all bonus of black green and red slayer helm making it the most expensive helm ingame but make the dark claw drop 1:500 but need a full dark totem to be able to fight skotizo but need arc light to do dmg and hill giant drops dark light and every npc have a 1:50 chance to drop ancient shard to upgrade to arc light. 

Bring back gano with what skotizo drops in replace of the wildy boss ever 2hrs


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i totally agree loyalty points are useless, i like the proposed idea of the xp laps.

but i do like skot in the wildy and i think your proposed reqs for killing skot are a bit high 


just 1 dudes opinion 

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I agree with loyalty and a change to mboxs, but not make mboxes only 500 loyalty points.

Agree with cosmetics, maybe vote/loyalty points.

Instead of just herblore cape; why not all skillcapes?

Don't agree with the all potions into (4) doses.. What about making super combat/extremes/overload potions?

Maybe not double herbs, but a chance at double herbs? Like not every pick you'll get 2 herbs, but a chance at it.

Again with skillcape perks. ^

Barrows is meh, no one would do barrows if it was like this. :P

I never did skotizo/gano, so I'm not gonna give any input on this one.

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Think it would be nice to fuse the loyalty point and cosmetic suggestion to make a loyalty store that sells cosmetic items. 

All skillcape perks should be added imo. 

Barrows should be left as it is, sko I'm not too sure about. I like the wildy aspect but also what you suggested.

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