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Game Updates - 04/11/2018

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Greetings Havoc community members! I'd like to apologize for the delay in this patch as there were some engine issues that we needed to sort out with our new interface system.


Server updates:

  • Serialized attribute system has received an internal revamp
  • Micro optimizations to location fetching for mobs
  • Region fixes when checking if a tile is blocked
  • Changes made to the shopping system which allows shops to have player specific shops instead of global only (needed to fix an exploit)
  • Remove some debug lines
  • Fix crash when picking up flowers with no inventory space
  • Random npc diversion will no longer switch primary targets
  • Random npc diversion will now switch states more frequently
  • Item requirements are now respected when equipping from a preset
  • Fixed a really bad invisibility exploit that occurred with skillcape emotes, emotes needed to be rewritten and all existing skillcapes removed from the game. You can repurchase skillcapes from the Wise old Man
  • Fixed account migrations not clearing placeholders correctly
  • Fix an issue with the "replaceAll" migration
  • Normal rune essence is now supported for Runecrafting (dunno why it wasn't before)
  • The Ring of forging now properly always lands success when smelting iron
  • Searching clue nests now grants the empty birds nest as well as the clue
  • Spiritual magers at bandos now count towards bandos killcount
  • Manually decanting potions now respects the slot of the potions you interacted with rather than always decanting the potions on the top row
  • Route finding against npcs that are bigger than 1x1 has been improved
  • Heavy and light ballista special attacks have been corrected and received a buff


  • Store changes
    • Super mystery boxes are now on sale for a limited time
      • 12 new items have been added to the boxes
      • Easter related items have been removed from the boxes, thus considering them discontinued


  • Daily events/WOGW
    • Wednesday is now half price well events
    • Double blood money well event has been removed
    • Double blood money daily event has been removed from the weekend


  • Demonic/Tortured gorilla changes
    • All known safespots have been corrected
    • Corrected stats for the gorillas
    • The entire cave is now multi combat
    • You can no longer use any curse prayer inside the cave
    • Gorillas not switching combat types/protection prayers after taking damage has been fixed
    • Gorillas now drop the Zenyte shard
      • Use an uncut Onyx on the Zenyte to produce an Uncut zenyte, which you can craft and enchant into jewelry


  • Hunter
    • All trapping code has been optimized, these changes were for pre-development for Black chins which are coming out soon
      • Box traps should no longer bug out
      • Npcs that path into the trap will be caught rather than them just 'teleporting' into the trap
      • Timings have been corrected with box traps


  • Jewelry crafting
    • Jewelry crafting has received a brand new interface that is easier to use
    • Bracelet crafting has been added
      • Use a bracelet mold on a furnace
    • Zenyte jewelry crafting has been added
    • unknown.png



  • New normal magic spellbook has been added
    • OwTDC9B.png
    • You can now autocast any combat spell within the spellbook
    • With the addition of Wrath runes and the new spellbook, we didn't forget surge spells, which have also been added
      • RK9Rhv7.gif
    • Level 7 enchant has also been added for your Zenyte jewelry
      • KY7N8IZ.gif


  • Doors and gates
    • Doors and gates now have an anti-spam mechanic similar to OSRS
      • Closing doors/gates more than 5 times within a 10 second interval will block you from closing any other doors/gates for 10 seconds
      • You can still open doors/gates while this cooldown is active
      • Closing another door/gate before you reach 5 closes will reset the interval to a fresh 10 seconds


  • Corp
    • Core will no longer perma despawn if you teleport away after it spawns
    • Corp will no longer stomp everyone else except for the person under it


  • Added several skill action logs
    • Flowers harvested
    • Allotments harvested
    • Herbs harvested
    • Seeds planted
    • Bird nests found
    • Trees cut
    • Logs added to fires
    • Fires created
    • Fish cooked
    • Fish caught
    • Note: These are already tracked from last patch so you haven't lost any progress


  • Pets
    • Pet mechanics have changed slightly, you will now be notified when you roll another pet when you have a pet
      • When receiving a pet, it will first try to spawn behind you if you have no pet, otherwise it will go into your inventory. If you have no room in your inventory and if you have a pet out you will not receive the pet
    • Baby mool pet added to Giant mole
    • Pet snakeling from Zulrah has received a graphical update
    • Chaos Elemental Jr. has been added to Chaos Fanatic
      • Chaos Elemental Jr. has also received a graphical update
    • Vet'ion Jr. has been added to Vet'ion
    • Callisto cub pet added to Callisto
    • Scorpia's offspring pet has been added to Scorpia
    • Venenatis spiderling pet has been added to Venenatis


  • Slayer
    • Kurask
      • Kurask now require leaf bladed weaponry or broad ammo in order to be damaged
      • Kurask now have a drop table
    • Giant mole
      • 3 Giant mole spawns have been added in a multi area of the revenant caves
      • Giant mole is now available as a boss Slayer task
      • Giant mole is now available as a Wilderness slayer task
      • Giant mole will drop Ranger boots/Robin hood hat
    • Venenatis now counts towards a giant spider task
    • Demonic/Tortured gorillas are now available as a standalone boss task
    • You can now kill tortured gorillas on a black demons task


Best regards,

Havoc Administration team

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Some really good updates, and a lot of them too! Very well done as always and keep it up!

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awesome updates and works......thanks for this release!!!

would be good to know what 12 new items have been added to the smbs?

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2 minutes ago, XiGodX said:

awesome updates and works......thanks for this release!!!

would be good to know what 12 new items have been added to the smbs?

Check out the drop table interface, it shows you :)

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