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Hybrid Tournament (22/04/2019)

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The Hybrid Tournament will be held in a remote location, the gear you use will not be provided by us. If your opponent is not there by 1:05PM EST (Server time) your opponent will be disqualified and you will pass through to the next round. 

Event will start 22/04/2018 1:00PM EST (Server time)


1. A Maximum of 2 Brews per fight

2. No teleporting when low, it's a fight to death

3. No Flaming/Trolling

4. Smite prayer only!

Any of these rules broken you will be disqualified from the event.


Pick one of these setups, if you don't use the specified set up you will be disqualified



1. Granite maul may be used in conjunction with the DDS or alone.

2. Any combination of these two setups is acceptable as well as items that have lesser bonuses that you would prefer





1st = 1500m

2nd = 1000m

3rd = 500m

Comment Your Havoc name to be entered into the Tournament


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Guest Sandman9510

name is 55

i will hope i win this pvm mission, i tryu to be the very best thx for haivn me

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