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8mileshigh introducing himself

The nerd (Gamerus Nolifemis) inhabits a small area in southern Finland.  The existance of this creature has only been known for 26 years. Male nerd measures 180cm when standing fully upright. Encounterers between people and The nerd have been extremely rare since the nerd leaves it's nest only to hunt and it can last up to 6 weeks with one hunt. The few who claims that they have seen this creature out in the wild describes the nerd as a pale white, skinny creature, but don't let the looks decieve you, when the nerd is near its nest it can be extremely ferocious and it could rip a man in half!

So yea, i'm Niko (Niles) 26 years young dude from finland. Came to havoc like a month and a half ago and never left (:

Currently on a ??medical leave?? (is it even a word? lol) since i broke my leg like a month ago. So can't really do anything right now, since all my hobbies (discgolf, hiking, fishing) requires a working pair of legs xD

Much love to ya'll -8miles :x


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Such a great intro, made me laugh, welcome 8milehight we are glad to have you as a part of the havoc community :D

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