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Game Updates - 04/23/2018

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Greetings Havoc community members! Not a huge update this week, however I took a giant chunk of time out to completely overhaul our route finding system for both PvP and PvM. Moving forward I will be focusing on more PvP related elements.


Server updates:

  • Corrected a bug which allowed you to skip waves within The Inferno
  • Fix gorillas switching combat type/prayers when safe spotted
  • Wrath runes can now be in the rune pouch
  • Dragons can no longer melee out of melee distance
  • Fix typo in "Living Rock Striker" name
  • Fix typo in half price well event notification
  • Nex attack distance has been increased to reach the entire room
  • Wrath rune experience increased to 25 per rune (previously 😎
  • Fix "You can't reach that" on several objects that you indeed can reach
  • Fix wilderness ditch interaction (much more fluid, will no longer not let you pass sometimes)
  • Fix wilderness ditch near the black knight's fortress
  • Added correct safe zone near the black knight's fortress
  • A few pets that slipped through that were tradeable have been fixed
  • Hunter box trapping has been fixed
  • An issue with x-logging while under combat has been fixed


  • Route finding
    • Route finding has been rewritten from the ground up, previously we had lots of issues with our route finding, it consisted mostly of really old legacy code that was poorly optimized and thrown together to a "barely" working state. I'm aware that this has been a hot topic for quite some time, however, it was a very grueling task that would take me several days if not over a week to complete. Since the focus has turned to PvP updates, I figured it was time to dig right into it and set to work
    • The algorithm which determines whether or not you are inside another entity or vice versa has been optimized and corrected
    • The algorithm which determines the number of spaces an entity takes up and which determines their perimeter has been optimized
    • Projectile route finding has been optimized using a quick and efficient line algorithm which draws points on the map to best determine the line-of-sight of a projectile
    • You can no longer attack with melee diagonally
    • You can no longer attack while standing atop of another player
    • You will now (as found by our test cases) always find the best path to attack your target, no dancing or other weird movements should occur
    • In general, finding a route to your target is smoother, more fluid and feels like it should


  • Prayer flicking and draining
    • Prayer flicking has been made more accurate to RuneScape
    • Prayer drain rates and the drain rate formula is now the same as RuneScape as per the information released by Mod Ash on his Twitter


Special thanks to these individuals for helping on our test servers the last 10 days to assist with the development of this project, in no particular order: @Avi @Checked @Rasta @Uhm @Drops @Dual@Hypomaniac @N0m4g3 @THE NEW KID @Heist @Zap


Best regards,

Havoc Administration team

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Posted (edited)

Great updates, much needed awesome that you addressed, Micro-Details are everything

Edited by Yuhyuhyuh

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Cute i even got mentioned by dad. Thanks papi


Gimme a tribrid/brid tournament to celebrate the new pathing

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5 hours ago, Crux said:

An issue with x-logging while under combat has been fixed

Nice updates as always! I do want to note something about the quoted text since I know what this was. It wasn't an x-log, it was a regular logout, don't know if that changes things, but it's good to know probably

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Can Ava be fixed>

Veteran cape and Comp cape more balanced>

Nice job, pathing looks great c:


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thanx for update and  Thanx to all who find some bugs etc to fix :P

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