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Hey it's your boy granny

some of you might've spotted me on the server because I was either being an ass, helping you out or just chatting away randomly.

i play uim and am thinking about making a x2 regular iron man so if you have any tips for me that would be great as I am a huge noob and don't even know the basics of this game.

I don't really play OSRS but kind of want to get into it but i really can't because I have very little time because of my job.


I have no hot sister so don't bother asking.

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I just started today and i made a regular iron man x2


I'm thinking about making an ironman only cc to just chat and give eachother tips, could use some help with that if you're interested :) 

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17 hours ago, Avi said:

but do you have a hot brother?

Nope sorry,

10 hours ago, PrySin said:


Nice to meet you btw :P

Nice to meet you TOO!


50 minutes ago, Littlee said:

Welcome to the forums. :P Do you have a hot sister?

You can fantasize one ;)

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