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| Road To Max UIM |

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Road To Max Uim

After seeing a staff member max a uim it inspired me to make my own

What i will be putting here will be Max stats global drops and other things wish me luck 

If you wanna chill in game with me join my CC UIM

Pet List:

Pet squirrel: 56 agility 

Drop list:

Ranger Boots 

Looting Bag 

Stat List:

Attack: 1

Strength: 1

Defence: 1

Range: 1

Prayer: 1

Magic: 1

RuneCrafting: 1

 Hitpoints: 10

Agility: 90

Herblore: 5

thieving:  41

crafting: 1 

Fletching: 1 

Slayer: 1 

Hunter: 1

Mining: 1

Smithing: 1

Fishing: 78

Cooking: 72

Firemaking: 1 

Woodcutting: 1

Farming: 60



Wish me luck if this gets enough support i may make a maxing vid for you tube 

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