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Unf. potion maker

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I think I may have posted this before, but I feel like we really need an unfinished potions maker. I know some don't like it because it would make it too easy, but even osrs has this feature. I'm currently aiming to make 1k overloads, which means I have to make 5k unfinished potions for a whopping 10 exp per unfinished potion which makes the task a burden.


Please leave a comment with your opinion regarding this matter, thanks. :)

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Posted (edited)

i dont support this, we have a decanter which is nice.

what i would suggest in replacement of this is to boost the speed at which we mix potions.

much faster and easier fix, the speed should literally be like 4x what it is now.

plus running back and forth to an npc every inventory is almost more annoying than just suffering through it. 

increase the speed would be much better imo.

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I agree, having this would be way to easy. Imstrength kinda nailed it, if it was a lot faster herblore would of been a lot more tolerable. 

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