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Game Updates - 05/11/2018

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Hello Havoc community members! Some requested QoL, PvP improvements and as always bug fixes this week. This path occurred when the website was down, I have just gotten around to making the thread, apologies for the delay.

Server updates:

  • You can no longer wield the max, completionist or other capes without the requirements
  • You can no longer purchase skillcapes by boosting your stats above 99 by using a potion
  • The escape Agility obstacle south of Lava dragons has been added. It requires 74 Agility
  • In/out of combat timers have been reworked entirely in order to completely correct x-logging in combat
  • Npc kill timers disregard really quick kill times (< 5 seconds)
  • Npc kill timers disregard really long kill times (> 10 mins)
  • The level 40 wilderness teleport to the Revenant caves has been moved closer to the entrance
  • Players with the completionist/achievement cape will notice their capes have been unequipped. You can find your capes in your inventory or bank. If both were full, you will have to repurchase the cape. Good luck hunting that last achievement!

Death/killer mechanic changes:

  • The way NPC damage works has been changed. On death, if you were not killed by a player, the last Npc that did any amount of damage to you will be considered your killer. This is to prevent issues arising with Glod/Bandos avatar not being your killer even if they dealt the last hit
  • The last hit dealt to you by an Npc is stored for 5 minutes, after that it is forgotten

Game modes:

  • Ironmemes can now access a simplified version of the blood money untradeables and supplies store
  • PK game mode can now switch their Slayer master from Krystilia. All Slayer masters are available

Item imbuing has been added:

  • Item imbuement scrolls are untradeable
  • You can purchase an imbuement scroll from Pest Pontrol
  • You can purchase an imbuement scroll with Blood money from Mandirth
  • The imbuement scroll can imbue the following items:
    • Zamorak cape
    • Guthix cape
    • Saradomin cape
    • Berserker ring
    • Archers ring
    • Seers ring
    • Warrior ring
    • Ring of the gods
    • Treasonous ring
    • Tyrannical ring
    • Onyx ring
  • If lost on dangerous death (PvP) the killer will receive half the blood money price of an imbuement scroll and the ring will be lost
  • An achievement has been added which is "Imbue 3 items"
  • Due to this, (kept on death) rings have been removed, anyone who has one will have noticed that it is no longer available
  • If you had a Kept on Death ring, you will have received some amount of blood money as compensation

3 new style of max capes are now obtainable:

  • Imbued saradomin max cape
  • Imbued guthix max cape
  • Imbued zamorak max cape

Boss instances:

  • Npc instances have received a time limit change. The average respawn time of every Npc in your instance is now included in your time limit
  • We have also included a 5 minute buffer to ensure you have plenty of time in your instance
  • These changes scale by the amount of people within your instance, as well


  • Since I reworked Hunter and added black chins, I figured I'd rework their combat mechanics as well
    • Chinchompas now have their proper explode graphic on impact
    • Chinchompas will now target entities in a 3x3 area and hit them all if your initial hit was a success
    • Chinchompas have an attack delay of 4 (3 on rapid) and attack distance of 8 (9 on long range)
    • Chinchompas now give experience for every hit it does on every entity
    • Chinchompas now have proper ranged projectiles
    • Chinchompas now give ranged strength
    • Chinchompas can now only target the type of entity you initially hit (i.e only players or only npcs, depending on what you hit first). Previously chinchompas attacked everything in the 3x3 square of your target
    • Chinchompas should now be a viable range training strategy now


  • Hunter trapping has been completely rewritten. I chose to do this as a patch done a few updates ago caused several issues with trapping which were obviously unintended outcomes of a bug fix. The old trapping code was very old and very "touchy", as one small change broke nearly all of hunter, anyway, this is all fixed now
  • Trapping success rate is based off the OSRS hunter success formula
  • Traps now properly close and "shake" whereas previously they made the close and open animation repeatedly
  • Dismantling your trap right as the Npc entered your trap will no longer cause your trap to duplicate
  • Dismantling your trap right and then looting it (spam clicking) will no longer cause your trap to duplicate
  • You can no longer "break" walkable tiles with traps, after pickup you would not be able to place the trap down again
  • Black chinchompas are now accessible, you can hunt them with level 73 Hunter. Teleport there from the Hunter skill teleport. Beware: It's in level 30+ wilderness
  • You can now have +1 traps in the wilderness (maximum 6 total at level 99)
  • You can now train Hunter at any level at the Karamja trapping area. Dunno why this wasn't allowed before, all low level birds exist there for initial Hunter training

Client updates:

  • Fix wilderness overlay when in resize/fullscreen
  • Fix multi way combat icon when in reszize/fullscreen
  • "Player wishes to duel with you" text is now in the correct font
  • The Hunter level up interface is no longer shown on top of the duel interface when in resizable/fullscreen
  • The Hunter level up interface is now present when leveling up Hunter. The interface got lost awhile back whenever we updated the skill interface, apologies for that

Best regards,

Havoc Administration team

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6 minutes ago, Avi said:

*Sluuurp* *Click* Noice.
Yiff Me Daddy

Daddy this isn't some kind of RP

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hey team, is someone able to tell me the compensation amount for the kept on death rings please? as im not sure if my seers ring ( kept ) has been compensated...


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