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Havoc Havoc
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The Official Havoc Price Guide!

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To find a specific item you are looking for use CTRL+F Together



Bandos Chestplate: 100m
Bandos Tassets: 150-200m 
Bandos Boots: 10-30m
Armadyl Helmet: 100m
Armadyl Chestplate: 200-300m
Armadyl Chainskirt: 200-300m
Barrow’s Armors: 8-15m, pieces 1-5m ea
Dragonfire Shield: 80-100m
Torva Armor Set
Torva Full Helm: 2-3b
Torva Platebody: 10-15b
Torva Platelegs: 10-15b
Virtus Mask: 2-3b
Virtus Robe Legs: 5-6b
Virtus Robe Top: 5-6b
Pernix Armor Set 
Pernix Cowl: 2-3b
Pernix Body: 4-5b
Pernix Chaps: 4-5b
Dragon Boots: 1-5m
Infinity Boots: 5-10m 
Ranger Boots: 500m-1b 
Serpentine Helm: 750m-1b
Spirit Shield: 5-10m
Blessed Spirit Shield: 20-30m
Eagle Eye Shield: 20-50m (doesnt buy/sell often)
Chaotic Kiteshield: 20-50m (doesnt buy/sell often) 
Farseer Kiteshield: 50m
Spectral Spirit Shield: 300-500m
Arcane Spirit Shield: 1-1.5b
Elysian Spirit Shield: 2-3b
Divine Spirit Shield: 5-7b
Statuis's Full Helm: 100m
Statius Platebody : 300m
Statius's Platelegs: 300m
Vesta's Chainbody: 700-800m
Vesta's Chainskirt: 700-800m
Morrigan’s Leather Body: 400-500m
Morrigan’s Leather Chaps: 400-500m
Zuriel’s Robe Top: 500-600m
Zuriel’s Robe Legs: 500-600m

Primordial Boots: 1-1.5b
Eternal Boots: 1.5b
Pegasian Boots: 1.5-2b
Steadfast Boots: 200-300m
Ragefire Boots: 200-300m
Glaiven Boots: 200-300m
Dragon Kiteshield: 800m-1b
Slayer Helmet (regular): 400-600m
Full Slayer Helmet : 1-1.5b
Red Slayer Helmet : 1.5-2b
Green Slayer Helmet: 4-5b
Black Slayer Helmet: 2-3b
Malediction Ward: 30-50m
Odium Ward: 30-50m
Primal Armor Set 1b per item
Primal Gloves: 1-1.5b
Primal Boots: 300-500m
Prometheum Armor Set: 1.5b (doesn't buy/sell often)
Ancestral Hat: 10b
Ancestral Robe Top: 10b
Ancestral Robe Bottom: 10b


Abyssal Whip: 80-100m
Dragon Claws: 250-350m
Zamorakian Spear: 50-100m
Kraken Tentacle: 200-300m
Heavy Ballista: 1b
Light Ballista: 600m
Barrelchest Anchor: 50m
Korasi’s Sword: 1-1.5b
Toxic Blowpipe: 800-1b
Staff of Light: 10-30m
Trident of the Seas: 700-1b
Trident of the Swamp: 1.3-1.5b
Staff of the Dead: 300m
Vesta’s Longsword: 300m
Vesta’s Spear: 300m
Statius’ Warhammer: 300m
Dragon Warhammer: 5-10b
Celestial Catalytic Staff: 4-6b
Chaotic Longsword: 150-250m
Chaotic Rapier: 400-500m
Chaotic C’bow: 300m
Chaotic Staff: 300m
Chaotic Maul: 500m
Dark Bow: 20-40m
Armadyl C’bow: 200-250m
Armadyl Godsword: 800-1b
Bandos Godsword: 50-100m
Saradomin Godsword: 50-100m
Zamorak Godsword: 50m
Primal Rapier: 1-1.5b
Primal Longsword: 300-500m
Primal Maul: 800-1b
Primal 2H: 400-500m
Primal Spear: 1.5-2b
Prometheum Dagger: 50m
Abyssal Dagger:N/A
Abyssal Bludgeon: N/A
Volcanic Whip Mix: 5-6b
Frozen Whip Mix: 4-5b
Saradomin Sword: 30-50m
Zuriel's Staff: 100m
Mage's Book: 30m
Handcannon: Worthless
Hailstorm Dagger: N/A



Amulet of Fury 20-30m
Blood Necklace: 300-500m
Amulet of Torture: No set price
Tormented Bracelet: No set price
Ring of Suffering: No set price
Necklace of Anguish: No set price
Ring of Wealth: 100-150m
Amulet of the Damned - 50m
Berserker’s Ring: 50-60m
Archer’s Ring: 20-30m
Warrior’s Ring: 20-30m
Seer’s Ring 30-40m
Arcane Stream Necklace: 700m-1b
Arcane Pulse Necklace: N/A
Occult Necklace: 20-30m
Ring of Vigour: 2-3b
Tyrannical Ring: 50-100m
Amulet of Ranging: 50m


Dragon Bones: 40-80k
Frost Dragon Bones: 150-200k
Super Combat Potion: 400-500k
Overload (4): 1m
Cooked Karambwan: 10-20k
Cooked Rocktail: 30k
Zulrah Scales: 5-10k
Dragon bolts (e): 10-20k
Onyx bolts (e): 10-20k
Super Antifire: 100k
Uncut Onyx: 20-30m



Gilded Armor: 5m/each
Magic Fang: 600-800m
Dragon Pickaxe 10m
Dragon Hatchet 10m
Primal Pickaxe: 1b
Primal Hatchet: 1b
Antique Lamp 20-30m
Zamorak Halo: 2-5b
Saradomin Halo: 2-5b
Guthix Halo: 2-5b
Ornate Katana: 5b
Wilderness Sword 4: 3-5b
Training Bow: 3-5b
Dragon Harpoon: 500m-1b
Western Banner 4: 1-2b
Big Pirate Hat: 300-500m
Blood Money: 20-25k
Super Mystery Box: 500m-1b
Holy Elixir: Who Knows



300m per piece 



Blue Partyhat : 10b
Red Partyhat :10b
White Partyhat: 10b
Yellow Partyhat: 10b
Green Partyhat: 10b
Purple Partyhat: 10b
Black Partyhat: 15-30b
Lava Partyhat: 10-15b
Pink Partyhat: 10-15b
Lime Partyhat: 10-15b
Santa Hat: 4-5b
Black Santa Hat: 15-30b
Santa Outfit: 12b
Skeleton Outfit: 13b
Sled: 12b
Scythe: 7.5b
Bag of Grain: 2-3b
Bunny Ears: 2-4b
Red H’ween Mask: 4-5b
Green H’ween Mask: 4-5b
Blue H’ween Mask: 4-5b
Black H’ween Mask: 15-30b
White H’ween Mask: 30b
Orange H’ween Mask: 30b
Skyblue H’ween Mask: 30b
Thok's Sword: 50-80b


All skilling supplies are double general store value to players

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Coulda just PM'd me or Uhm or anyone with forum editing powers,  and we coulda edited the old one so Crux doesn't have to change ::prices ;)

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4 hours ago, Littlee said:

Coulda just PM'd me or Uhm or anyone with forum editing powers,  and we coulda edited the old one so Crux doesn't have to change ::prices ;)

I know I know XD

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