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Game Updates - 05/24/2018

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Greetings Havoc community members! Today we have a small patch alongside the implementation of King of the Skill (not live until our start date, obviously)


Website updates:

  • Voting has been re-enabled
  • We now support RuneLocus as a vote site
  • Leaderboards for KOTS have been added
  • Store changes:
    • We are having a flash sale, lots of items are on sale for a very limited time


Client updates:

  • Add KOTS Ironman crown support
  • Add KOTS timer interface
  • Redesign character creation interface to be more fluid/have support for new game modes
  • ESC no longer closes dialogue interfaces
  • Drop down menus now reset state on logout/interface close
  • Drop down menus now close when clicking outside of them
  • Drop down menu options have had their click boxes increased to remove the dead click zone in the corners
  • Fix orientation bug with constructed maps


Server updates:

  • The Skilling Supply Crate has received a massive buff
    • You are no longer able to receive duplicates
    • You are no longer able to receive shit secondary drops if you don't roll on the main table
    • Every crate you open you are guaranteed 10 unique items from the crate
    • Guam, Marrentill, Tarromin and Harralander are no longer in the crate
    • Antique lamps have been added
    • Mysterious lamps which grant timed double experience have been added
    • Dragonkin lamps have been added
    • Ancient effigies have been added
  • Voting incentives have been completely revamped
    • If you are a PK mode account, upon opening a vote book you will receive 4 options and a roll on the rare vote book table
      • Receive blood money
      • Receive coins
      • Receive 2 vote points
      • Receive a second roll on the rare vote book table
    • Any other account mode you will receive 5 options and a roll on the rare vote book table
      • Receive 2 crystal keys
      • Receive 15 minutes double expeirence
      • Receive coins
      • Receive 2 vote points
      • Receive a second roll on the rare vote book table
    • Every vote book opened grants a single roll on the rare vote book table, you can select the option to receive a second roll
    • You will no longer receive coins or vote points on every opening
    • Vote books are tradeable
  • All engine related work for KOTS
  • Frost dragons are no longer aggressive
  • You can now cross agility obstacles if frozen


Best regards,

Havoc Administration team.

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