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Game Updates - 06/05/2018

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Greetings Havoc community members, long awaited PvP patch is here along with some other notable changes.


Client updates:

  • Fix drop down menu not being closed when you open a new drop down


Server updates:

  • We now have a PK blacklist. Add a user to your ignore list to blacklist them from attacking you within the boundaries of Edgeville PvP.\
  • Curse prayers can no longer be used in PvP scenarios
  • Pre-EOC items will now give 0 bonuses when used in PvP scenarios, thus rendering them useless. We are testing a strictly OSRS PvP system out to see how it goes
  • Defence cape can now be used as a ring of life
  • Max cape can now be used as a ring of life
  • Vengeance when dealt on the first hit will no longer force you out of combat
  • The way Mysterious Emblems worked has been changed
    • There is a 1 / (250 - current earning potential - opponent combat level / 2) chance at a Mysterious Emblem being dropped every time you kill your target
    • If your opponent has an emblem, you will receive their best emblem minus 1 tier. If your opponents best emblem is a tier 1, you will receive a tier 1.
    • If you do not have any emblem you will be guaranteed a tier 1 emblem on target kill
  • Killstreak system has been added
    • Killstreaks greater than 5 can be shutdown for additional blood money   
    • Personal killstreaks greater than 5 will yield more blood money for you
    • Killstreaks will place a bounty skull above your head, changing with the tier of killstreak you're currently on
  • Havoc keys have been added back. They are achieved from PK'ing.
    • 1/14,000 - Lucky Havoc Key - Redeemable for $25 store credit
    • 1/28,000 - Elite Havoc Key - Redeemable for $50 store credid
    •  1/56,000 - Master Havoc Key - Redeemable for $150 store credit
  • PK mode accounts now receive a plentiful bank full of supplies and basic gear upon login
    • n9LnIrT.gif
  • Runes in the rune store have been made unlimited
  • Spawn sets have been added to the quest tab
    • These spawn sets are free and are available for PK mode/regular accounts
    • Any items that are spawnable are now 0 gp alch/store value
    • HV783ok.gif


Website updates:

  • We now have a new forum theme. Our last one was lost whenever we upgraded our forum software. Many thanks to my pal Jayson for hooking us up with it


Regarding KOTS:

  • If you are a King of the Skill individual skill winner, please DM on Discord me with this information in this format:
    • KOTS username:
    • Skill(s) won:
    • Account you'd like points on:
    • A screenshot of you logged into your KOTS account, on the forums:
  • Do not bug me to get your points, I will get around to it. I'm the only one who can give you points and I have other priorities, apologies for the wait if it does end up taking some time


Best regards,

Havoc Administration team

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The issues I have with these updates:

1) No curses in pvp sucks, I got turmoil on my realist pure like 12 hours before these updates and all that time is been ruined. I think A fix is put a Defence Requirement? Or just code it so the damage bonus actually works and re-release it?
2) I understand no primal-prom armour + weapons in the wildy but no vesta, morrigans + zuriels too? They're pvp items! Maybe make them degradeable in PvP?
3) Adding all there spawnable rune items + pots + runes makes alching (like I said, realist and I've alched most of my magic through pvm) useless and not profitable anymore. Maybe make untradeable rune sets? only 1 and then its kept on death for pk accounts and rune has alch value again?

That's all for now.

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