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Game Updates - 11/13/2017

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Hello players of Havoc! Here is the list of today's changes:

Client Changes

  • Slight optimizations to rendering, may solve the FPS issues people are having.
  • Added Autochat feature, right click public chat icon to set your autochat message.
  • Added Custom preset selections to Quest Tab interface.
  • Sending new client identification key on login.

Server Changes

  • Added ability to set and save custom presets. (May only use spawnable items for now)
  • Fixed a glitch which allowed you to plant flowers on top of each other.
  • Fixed flower plant ratio for Black and White flowers to match OSRS.
  • Fixed a glitch which caused duplicate items to be lost on death.
  • Added Thread and Needle to the General store.
  • Added Pestle and mortar and Vial of water to the General store.
  • Fixed noted Dark crabs banking and withdrawing.
  • Added proper Dragon spear special attack.
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Good updates, props to you for all your hard work recently. I'm sure many will be happy that custom presets are in-game now. 

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