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- Karils Tournament - 12/29/18

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- Karils' Tournament -

The Karils Tournament will be held at the wilderness (Edgeville ditch).
The gear you use will not be provided by us. If your opponent is not there by 14:00 PM (Server time) your opponent will be disqualified and you will pass through to the next round.

Event Will start  12/29/18 - 14:00 PM  (server time).


Gear Setup:


- Amulet of the Damned is recommended for this event -



The following items are allowed to be replaced for a different item:

Amulet of the damned:
Glory, Amulet of ranging, Fury

Barrows gloves:
Black d'hide vamb
Archers ring:
Ring of Recoil

Snakeskin boots:
Ranger boots

Dark bow:
Rune knife, Rune crossbow with bolts.


Additional to the inventory setup:
Rune knife, Odium ward, Rune crossbow with bolts. 

-There will be a one brew cap
-Replacing one Sanfew for a extra food is allowed


You are not allowed to use curses and overheads.

-Manta ray can be replaced for sharks
-Karambwans can be replaced for manta ray or sharks
-Five karambwan cap

Using a rune pouch is not allowed during this event.


This tournament is a sign up tournament only you cannot participate unless you have signed up.

- Teleporting out mid fight will result in a 3 hour jail sentence. Rules are here to be followed not broken.
Any player that is participating in the tournament is not to be attacked or ragged by other players. They are there to compete for a prize not be trolled. Anyone caught doing this will be jailed until the end of the tournament.
A bracket will be generated and players will be called out to fight with a moderator witnessing and invents to be checked prior to the fight, any items that are not permitted will lead in a DQ from the event.

- Having more than one account entered into the tournament will end in disqualification. 

Any of these rules broken you will be disqualified from the event.


First place = Korasi's sword
Second place= Armadyl godsword
Third place = Dragon claws


Comment Your Havoc name to be entered into the Tournament.

1. Manta Ray
2. Mirrow
3. Dragflrebrth




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