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Darklord Pks

Nex Solo Guide

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Nex solo guide

Made byC0cpthg.gif Darklord Pks


Welcome to my Nex solo guide. 

In this guide I will be covering every aspect of Nex, best ways to kill, gear set-ups and most importantly, THE DROPS.  This guide will be broken up into 3 sections.

1. Gear set ups

2. Nex strategys and Mechanics 

3. Loot and rewards. 


Gear set-ups


Invo setup 


Bandos godsword helps a lot during a Nex solo, use both specs at the beginning of the fight

to reduce the defence of Nex, thus making it easier to kill. 


Low level gear setup


This gear setup is the cheapest and most viable for new PVM'ers on Havoc since this gear setup only 

costs around 500-600m. This gear is a great way to start for those of you eager to begin camping Nex. 

This gear setup gets you a solo kill every 10 minutes + 


Mid level gear setup


This second gear setup not only is great for Solo Nex but almost every other boss in Havoc, costing around 5b-7b (can be 6b with reg slayer helm)

this gear setup wrecks Nex and is a great setup to camp Nex and other bosses. 

This gear setup gets you a kill every 7-10 minutes per solo kill.


Max gear setup 


Ok, now if your going to be camping all bosses aswell as Nex like myself, this is the gear you ideally want to be rocking,

this gear setup gets you sub 5-6 minute solo kills at Nex and shred every other boss. But it comes at a price.

This setup will set you back a small amount of anywhere between 30-35B! But worth every penny.


Range setup


This setup works well since the blowpipe still is very consistent but I would recommened

saving for void or higher tier Range gear such as Armadyl / Morrigans / Pernix or void.


This gear setup works surprisingly well, mainly in DUO's but also Solo's. Id recommend this setup if your killing 

nex with a partner since you take a lot of damage otherwise. But deals a lot of dp's and 100% is better than the

low level setup above ^




Nex has 5 phases. 

1. Smoke phase

2. Shadow phase

3. Blood phase

4. Ice phase

5. Zaros phase

At 4 levels of the Bosses health he will summon a follower to protect him and start healing him. These

followers can be found/killed in each corner of the room, text in ur chat room will appear once they protect the boss. 


Smoke phase

Pray against mage


Smoke phase is the first phase you encounter when you enter the Nex boss room. This is by far the easiest and nothing

to worry about. Just pray against Magic and attack the boss. Once the boss has about 3/4 of its health one follower

will start protecting Nex, run to it, kill it, and return to the boss.


Shadow phase

Pray against Range


Shadow phase is hard to understand at first, the boss will spawn smoke piles under you and if you stay still to long, 

you will get continuously hit for 18-20 damage at the same speed as a blowpipe, stacking you out quickly.


This phase can instant kill you if not done correctly, especially in larger number teams so watch out.


To avoid this damage keep moving around the boss or look out the when the smoke spawns. 



Blood phase 

Pray against Magic 


This phase is very easy, just attack the boss when she isn't syphoning and then carry on to attack after she stops.



Ice phase 

Pray magic


This phase is by far the Hardest by far, Nex will drop your prayer hit you a base 70 damage + second damage of anywhere

between 0-30 damage in the same tick, dealing 70-100 damage. To prevent dying to this always keep ur health

above 100hp (saradomin brews). Be quick on putting ur Magic prayer back on after the Ice barrage attack hits.

Great way to combat this is by using quick prayers 

Turmoil + Mage protect when using melle setups

Rigour + mage protect when using range setups


Zaros phase 

Pray Soulsplit, or Magic if you don't have SS


This phase you just want to do as much DP's as possible whilst trying not to die, dumping all specs 

and constant attacks. Just before Nex dies make sure you have your Ring of wealth

equip for an extra 15% drop rate. 



$Drop table$



If your lucky enough eventually you will land yourself on the Rare drop table

and get yourself a Nex piece. 


Rare item chance

1-256 per item 

This is without the drop-rate increases per account! 


Goodluck at Nex and future adventures hope this guide helped ! 



Made byC0cpthg.gif Darklord Pks


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Good guide man. Wish I had it when I was learning! Couple little typo's.

costing around 7b (cant* be 6b with reg slayer helm)
you will get continuously hit for 18-20 damage at the same speed as a blowpipe, staking* you out quickly.
If your lucky enough eventually you will land your* on the Rare drop table

Also have quick prays set to mage + turmoil or rigour (depending on what you're using) at the start of the fight, ready for the ice phase when she drops your prayer.
Thanks for taking the time to make it mate, you're a gem in the community.

EDIT: Looks perfect now man! Pictures are a nice touch too. Thanks for taking the time to make it.

Edited by Cock Master

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