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Whore God

Drops for non pker's

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Since I've been pvming as a non ironman, I've noticed that I've been making less money as some items have a price of 0 gp. If possible, is there a way to make it to where the people who aren't in the Pk game mode have the drops changed to where they cost gp? For instance, I get drops like rune arrows and death rune and their price is 0 gp. I was an ironman before I started the 'Loot from a week' series and was making a lot more money, but since I'm no longer an ironman, those items that were giving me a lot of gp are now 0 gp. 


Thanks for looking at my suggestion,

Whore god

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I would have to agree with this.. I've spent hours doing pvm, for pointless drops that even the shop doesnt buy for anything..
My suggestions; Add some Skilling items to drop tables (or increase current rate of skilling items, Gems, herbs, ect)
Also, maybe more Edible drops, from bigger bosses. (Arma, Nex, Zulrah?)

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