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Game Updates - 11/23/2017

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Hello community. Here is the list of today's changes:

Client Changes

  • Finished Slayer rewards interface.

Server Changes

  • Implemented Slayer rewards system:
    • Ability to extend certain Slayer tasks.
    • Ability to unlock "Leave a note" reward, all drops from your task will be dropped as a note.
    • Ability to block up to 5 tasks.
    • Ability to cancel your current task
  • Added Cave horror task, spawned Cave horrors at level 16 Wilderness.
  • Spawned Ogres near the Wilderness graveyard.
  • Spawned extra Red dragons in the Red Dragon Isle.
  • Opening Caskets will now give you Herblore ingredients.
  • Added Duel arena announcements for large stakes.
  • Fixed a glitch which prevented Jad from spawning.
  • Zulrah's Snakelings will no longer drop any items.
  • You are now able to cast Vengeance while killing Zulrah.
  • Added protection value to Occult necklace.
  • Void will be lost on death above level 20 wilderness.
  • Added 1/30 chance to receive some Mithril seeds from Caskets.
  • Added 20 seconds teleport delay after applying presets.
  • Fixed a glitch which caused presets to give 0 bonuses.
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Good job on finishing up Slayer, Klepto. You did a superb job on it. Good job on the rest of the updates, time to finally finish off Herblore and max my total level!

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good work @developers keep up the good work, i really like the fact that you are keeping to date with slayer and not just ignoring it :)

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