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Jim Carroll

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  • Write and post game rules and forum rules - this should have been done before the game released. 
  • Make threads in the Introductions section automatically close after 48 or 72 hours of being created and posted. This is to decrease the amount of low quality posts or repetitive posts after the creator of an introduction has been formally welcomed into the community.
  • Give Members the permission to close and re-open their own threads, however, make it so they can't re-open their own threads if a Staff Member has closed it. 
  • Remove the section that directs you to Discord and add Discord to the navigation bar with Home, Forums, Store, Vote, and Hiscores.
  • Decrease username character limit on the forum to 1. 
  • Design and add a favicon.
  • Add usergroup legend to the bottom of the forum. 
  • Remove Recently Browsing tab from the right and change the Who Was Online tab at the bottom to Who's Online.
  • Change the Members tab at the very bottom to Members Online In The Past 24 Hours or Members Online Today. 
  • Expand the Player Support category:


  • Remove the description from the News section.  Rename the Events section to Official Events and add a sub-forum to it called Unofficial Events (for players to host their own events). 
  • Add post count titles for Members. Example:

                0 - New Member
               50 - Member
               150 - Advanced Member
               300 - Well-Known Member

  • Enable signatures - only allow a certain amount of characters and images though. 

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I've colored the ones green that I have done. :)

Edited by Littlee

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