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Game Updates - 11/26/2017

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Good evening Havoc community members. Here is the list of changes in the latest patch.


Client changes

  • Added support for bounty hunter skulls atop head
  • Added support for ctrl+shift+click movement

Server changes

  • Wilderness skilling
    • Wilderness thieving stall added near the Fountain of Rune
      • Only grants blood money at a rate of around 5k+ blood money per hour
      • Requires level 80 thieving
    • Siphon-able energy sources located near the Fountain of Rune
      • Two types of energy sources are present which require level 40 and level 72 Runecrafting to siphon
      • Upon death, each energy source has a chance to drop noted supplies (herbs, seeds, gems etc)
      • Upon siphoning each energy source gives Runecrafting experience
      • Upon siphoning each energy source grants random amounts of energy fragments which can be spent at the Energy fragment exchange in Edgeville
        • The Energy fragment exchange has several items including the Runecrafter set and omni-talisman staff
        • Energy fragments are tradable
    • Elder chaos druids (level 129) have been added to their familiar location in level 13-16 wilderness
      • Elder chaos druids drop many noted herbs and Herblore secondaries at very reasonable rates
      • Elder chaos druids attack only with magic utilizing the 4 elemental blast spells
    • Wilderness resource area
      • No entry fee is required to enter the resource area
      • 3 Dark crab fishing spots have been added and requires level 85 fishing to catch
        • You need a lobster pot and dark fishing bait in order to catch dark crabs
        • You can purchase dark fishing bait from the tools store in Edgeville
      • Piles is within the resource area and will note any note-able item for a fee of 1 blood money per item
      • Dark crab cooking has been added and requires level 90 Cooking to cook and stops burning at level 99


  • Bounty hunter skulls have been added and will reflect your current kill streak
    • Level 1 skull: 2+ kill streak
    • Level 2 skull: 4+ kill streak
    • Level 3 skull: 5+ kill streak
    • Level 4 skull: 7+ kill streak
    • Level 5 skull: 10+ kill streak


  • A heavily revised accuracy formula has been deployed for testing purposes
    • This new formula should be more relevant to OSRS taking several factors that were previously ignored into account


Best regards,

Havoc Administration team

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Looking good, Check under suggestions to check what my man Klein has come up with aswell, He has some great ideas :)

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seems as all of the content just gives you stuff for skiling and 5k an hour from wilderness skilling with a chance of getting killed potentially a lot and make less money than barrows ? idk I'm all for the combat system revamp but the update kinda seems pointless? but anyway good to se you pumping out some content I guess skillers will enjoy

P.S. Not complaining by any means. Better than no update for sure.

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people going to complain

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