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Game Updates - 12/15/2017

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Hello community! Lots of updates and fixes today, we have had a stellar re-release. I'd like to personally thank everyone who has supported us through this tedious change in administration and the re-release of Havoc.


However with that said we have a bright future ahead of us! Stay tuned!


Server updates:

  • Voting has been completed
    • You can vote using ::vote
    • You will receive a reward for each site you vote on
      • Rewards include (1) vote book and (1) vote point
      • Rewards can be multiplied by daily or well events
    • You can claim your voting reward by using ::reward


  • Multifactor authentication has been completed
    • We currently only support Google authenticator, which can be installed on PC, iOS, Andriod and Windows Phone. Other providers such as Authy may be supported in the future
    • You can enable Google authenticator by going to your forum profile under "Account settings" then under "Account security" and follow the on screen instructions
    • You will be prompted to use your authenticator anytime you access a restricted portion of the site (such as changing your password, accessing your account security, etc)
      • In game, you will be prompted to use your authenticator anytime your IP, user ID, or any other identifying information changes related to your account
    • In order to remove your authenticator for any reason, you can do it through "Account security" under your "Account settings", if for whatever reason you've lost your phone/otherwise have no access to your authenticator, we can reset it assuming your ownership of the account can be verified


  • Top PK'er system has been added
    • You can view the current Top PK'er stats at the leaderboard north of Edgeville
    • The Top PK'er is selected every day, the person with the most kills for the day will win, if users are tied, the one with the better KDR will win, if they are 100% even, a random winner is chosen
    • Every weekend there is a longer more rewarding Top PK'er tournament which runs from Friday-Sunday
    • At the moment Top PK'er has these potential rewards:
      • For large tournaments potential rewards
        • 12,500 blood money
        • Super mystery box
        • 3-5 Tier 1 emblems
        • Red PK skull crown to show off you won until the next tournament
      • For day-to-day tournaments potential rewards
        • 5,000 blood money
        • Mystery box
        • 1-3 Tier 1 emblems
        • Red PK skull crown to show off you won until the next tournament
      • All rewards can change on a day-to-day basis


  • Fix serialization bug when an attribute is added during IO
  • Fix Nex not dropping items
  • Fix Nex not spawning
  • Fix issue with rank tier rickets not providing donated amount
  • Skotizo HP has been increased
  • Infernal cape is no longer tradeable
  • Fixed jewelry teleporting outside of the wilderness
  • Fixed an issue with lottery not automatically paying out winners
  • You can no longer receive the Fire Cape if you have died after Jad
  • Pest Control waiting interface should no longer overlap the game interface
  • Pest Control transition from boat->game should be more smooth, less hiccup(y)
  • When using ::claim you will now receive every product at once, you no longer have to claim multiple times
  • Fixed a bug where logging in to the game would return "Invalid credentials" after changing your password on the forums
  • Fix ::forums URL
  • Correct some colors in clan chat that were simply not appealing
  • Coal within the coal bag should now properly save
  • Seeds within the seed box should now properly save
  • Clue changes
    • "Search for a crate in Varrock Castle."
      • The crate has been moved to the correct one as found in the Clue guide
    • "Aggie I see Lonely and southern I feel I am neither inside nor outside the house, yet no house would be complete without me. Your treasure waits beneath me."
      • The dig location has been moved to inside the house as found in the Clue guide
  • You can now transfer items between accounts you own without a middleman
  • You can no longer trade at fight pits
  • Fixed a bug with the Desert lizard Slayer task now allowing you to use an ice cooler on it
  • If you do not have an ice cooler in your inventory you will now be notified while killing Desert lizards
  • If you have a target, you can now attack that player anywhere in the wilderness regardless of combat level
  • Fixed a bug which could cause NPCs in instances to spawn indefinitely
  • You can no longer sell items to the instance store
  • The minimum total level requirements have changed to be on the hiscores
    • Normal experience rate: 30
    • Extreme experience rate: 15
    • Supreme experience rate: 10
    • Realism experience rate: 50
  • New player death mechanics have changed in the wilderness
    • Upon death in the wilderness any items you're risking from the starter set will simply be deleted, you don't keep them and they do not spawn on the ground for the duration of "new player protection"
  • It has come to our attention that the plentiful starter of the PK mode is being abused to gain wealth in short periods of time by abusing death/store mechanics. Due to this we have made some changes to the PK mode and new player death mechanics to combat this issue
    • The PK mode starter has been nerfed to be on par with the normal starter, however it is still marginally better
    • You can now PvM on PK mode accounts outside of the Wilderness
    • PK mode accounts can still set their combat stats by right clicking the stat
    • PK mode accounts now forfeit all interaction on the hiscores (they will not be displayed anywhere)


Client updates:

  • We have a new client background and logo :)
  • Fix annoying overlap of right click options ("Message" "Add friend" etc) appearing when the chatbox has an interface (dialogue, item search or otherwise)
  • Engine work related to implementing multifactor authentication


Website updates:

  • When navigating to the store while logged into the forum you should no longer have to log in again
  • When purchasing points from the store session's should no longer expire causing points to not come through even though the payment has completed


Best regards,

Havoc Administration team.

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Great work. An awful lot of time and effort put in. 


May i request the Dice 5 second timer is removed please. Thank you. 

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