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Lawrence's Introduction

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I guess it's about time for my over-due introduction :P

Hey guys, my name is Lawrence, I'm 21 and started RS back in 2004. 
I did quit rs for 2 years to play private servers around the time of eoc changes. I can honestly say I gave RS3 a shot,
but it wasn't for me. The true runescape in 2D with mega nostalgia is where I belong :D
I quit rs for about a year after playing osrs for 2 months and also because I went to live in another country for 1 year.
I'm back in the UK now and in the process of 'finding myself' (long story)

I'm glad I was introduced to Havoc because it's got a great player-base, coded well and there are plenty of things to do
so that you can interact with other people and have fun and have a laugh.
I've been playing Havoc the past and I'm enjoying the changes from the old pking server. It's good to chat to a few of the guys in discord on a daily basis
(shout to Peter, Uhm, Hayden, Trees, Googel :P)
Havoc has come a long way and has still got plenty to come, which keeps us players excited and have things to look forward to,
which is always a positive.
Loving what's going on, and how it's all put together.

Look forward to meeting new people and I'll see you ingame, peace.
- Lawrence


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