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Game Updates - 11/06/2017

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Hello community. Here is the list of today's changes:

Client Changes

  • Fixed Npc examine packet.

Server Changes

  • Added announcements for Crystal chest and Mystery box rewards.
  • Added periodic global messages.
  • Disabled item selling to the general store.
  • Added skillcape shop to Edgeville bank.
  • Examining Skotizo will now display it's drop table.
  • Added Seers ring to Blood money shop.
  • Removed Lime whip from the game.
  • Added pricing for Dragon arrows, Ring of recoild and Super combat potions.
  • Removed Caskets and Ruined backpacks from the game.
  • Added Dragon Defender to untradables store.
  • Replaced void in untradables store with working one (You only need repurchase the helmets).
  • After being freezed, if your opponent walks outside your field of view you will get unfrozen.
  • Added warnings for Wilderness teleport commands.
  • Added Spade to tools store.
  • Added ability to change combat stats by click their skill icon.
  • Added teleport immunity, you wont be able to get hit 1 tick after teleporting.
  • Fixed Granite maul special attack.
  • Broken barrows are now tradable and lost on death.
  • Removed Completionist cape from the game.
  • Changed ::yell command message format.
  • Added ::store and ::vote commands to open up our website store and voting.
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Good work as always, Clapto. Hope you add other things to the Tools Store soon, such as chisel, gems, pure essence, etc., so we can train other skills and obtain the max cape. Oh, and will Two-Factor Authentication be added any time soon? Although my password is strong, I still don't feel comfortable playing without it. 

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This is all just 1 days worth of fixes, be sure to suggest future fixes/updates for Havoc. :) Our main goal is to make a game we all can love, and enjoy. 

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