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Just wanted say Hey  and thank those of you who have been helping out in-game! Many noob questions have been answered for me. This server seems to have a great community and I am looking forward to being a part of it! My irl is name is Paul and i'm 21. I work full-time in management/business operations and am a part-time student next semester. I love anything fitness related and all video games; but console is getting boring again, hence why im here. Recently, I haven't been playing a lot of rsps and have been looking to get back into it.


I've played Runescape for roughly 11 years and rsps for 7. I've been forum/in-game mod and admin on other servers. I've really enjoyed playing different Runescape Private servers over the years as they change and grow. I'm typically someone who plays until they die down.  I have roughly 1.5 days of play-time in-game across my accs. I usually like to play and learn the mechanics of a server before joining the forums community.  I'm super competitive (fix hiscores plox). I may not have a ton of time to play, but believe i'll be making gains when I am online. I hope to find un-used/efficient training methods and hopefully make helpful guides for them.

I have 3 main accounts: currently they all have the main goal of making as much gp as possible :P

Podgey - elder donor - x10  maxed combat (besides prayer) slayer/skilling account - will be going for high total lvl

Podge Pvm (main) - alpha donor -  x5 maxed combat (besides mage and prayer) bossing/ high combat skill xp account - will eventually go for total lvl

Pk Account- at root I am an absolute no honor pker. I see pvp as the wild west and I do whatever I can to make that gold when i'm there. Therefore I don't usually share the username:)


I've been voting every chance I get and look forward to playing with you guys as the server grows and becomes even better.


See ya round :D





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Glad to see you around :) Hopefully you enjoy the say mate. :P


As for changing your forum name, PM me and I'll talk to you more about this.

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