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Wilderness Slayer

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This guide will be to introduce wilderness slayer to anyone who's interested in doing it.

The first thing to know is that any pk account HAS TO do wilderness slayer. If you're someone who wants to eventually switch to normal slayer, I recommend you make a new account before spending more time on your pk account.

The Wilderness slayer master is located east of the shops, in Edgeville.

Slayer points can be spent on things that Krystilla has for sale, which is the same things as normal slayer masters.

Spending Points

As a pk account, the points you'll want to spend to optimize time might vary a bit, since from the get-go, you can get tasks that can potentially take a really, really long time. In general, you should save up to atleast 30 points, and buy a torso as soon as you can if it's a goal you were eventually aiming for, which has a cost of 25 points.

Slayer points are very important to have when doing Wilderness slayer, so try not to waste them. What I mean by this is to not necessarily camp up to 200 points and directly spend them on a ring of wealth. You're going to want to keep some on standby, in case you get a very bad task.

Eventually, you can buy whatever you want. Anything's good. Go with what's currently being sold. Slayer helm and ring of wealth are 2 solid choices.


When you complete a task, you get 10 points. Every 10 tasks in a row completed, you get 50 points instead of 10.

Here's an example, just to make this phrase more clear:

Task 1 to 9 -> 10 Points per task

Task 10 -> 50 Points

Task 11 to 19 -> 10 Points per task

Task 20 -> 50 Points


Task 50 -> More than 50 points, will be updated as soon as I know. If you know, please tell me.

Skipping/Blocking tasks

When you're doing wilderness slayer, there are some tasks that are an absolute no. The 2 I've found since I've started, along with one that's optional, are:

Lava Dragons: This is, without a doubt, the worst possible task you can get in this game. You need to skip this task the moment you get it, and block it as soon as possible. With about 40 kills to do when you receive the task itself, the worst part isn't even killing them, which is, by the way, a very slow kill. Lava dragons are pk paradise. Even if you bring full brews and don't pick up a single item, there is absolutely no means to escape from there. 2 players who don't really know how to pk and have freeze can easily kill you.

Chaos Fanatic: This one have extremely high health, ask for a lot of attention and hit really high. All these 3 reasons make this a simple no when doing tasks. If it gets nerfed in the near future, it might become worth it. Until then, I recommend you skip it and block it if possible.

Crazy Archeologist: This one actually isn't so bad, I happen to enjoy killing it. It's a bit easier to do than Chaos Fanatic, so it isn't quite as hard to kill it, but if you're looking for faster slayer, you should definitely look into blocking this one.


When on any tasks, you have the choice of going there ready to anti-Pk, or not.

What I mean by this is if you do want to anti-PK, you need to bring everything. By this I mean a special attack weapon, a ranged/melee switch, and vengeance.

Protecting yourself

Bringing a scout is an option when doing Wilderness Slayer. Depending on the task at hand, it could be useful to have. If doing something like revenants, having a scout could be useful. Simply being alert is also good. If below 20 wildy, have ::edge pre-typed can always be a good idea.


This part's, to be honest, probably even more important than having a scout. When you're doing Wilderness Slayer,


It's as easy as pie to see if you're targets running to your level wilderness and searching for you. It's also hilarious if you're underground, since they almost never find you (in edge dungeon). If you get a person you know is a PKer, skip them, and you might want to run or atleast stock up on food just in case, since a PKer looking for people doing slayer will notice if their targets skips them in a heartbeat.

If you get a target that's 2-8 wilderness, they're mostly likely doing risk fights or dharok's fights, so those targets are good to keep.

For those who are thinking "Jokes on them! I'll just use my alt and make it my main's target.", the jokes on you, because you can't get your alt as a target.

Mysterious Emblems

A thing to know about Wilderness Slayer is that apart from revenants and lava dragons (lava dragons should be skipped or blocked), they all have nothing good in there drop table, BUT.

Since you're doing Wilderness Slayer, any creature that you're doing on task, and I repeat any, drops Mysterious Emblem. Expect about 2 per task. These can be used when pking targets and can be traded at the emblem trader for 200 blood money when they're at level one. These add up, pick them up when you get some. Also, pay attention, since sometimes they're hard to spot and won't appear in the chatbox like most drops do.

Slayer Locations

Time for the biggest part!

Bandits -> Castle dragons, run north around the castle and follow the lava path. I recommend bringing ranged to these, since they're a bit far apart.

Black Demons -> Edgeville dungeon teleport (or just run there), go to the wilderness, northwest.

Black Knights -> Venenatis boss tele, and run north-west.

Chaos Fanatic -> Bosses, Chaos Fanatic.

Crazy Archeologist -> Bosses, Crazy Archeologist.

Deadly Red Spiders -> Edgeville dungeon teleport (or just run there), go to the wilderness, northwest, south of the black demons.

Earth Warrior -> Edgeville dungeon teleport (or just run there), go to the wilderness, north, swing over the bars, north again.

Ghosts -> Bosses, Crazy Archeologist Run north to 27 wilderness. I recommend bringing ranged to these, since they're a bit far apart.

Giant Bat -> ::mb, right outside to the west.

Giant Spiders -> Wilderness teleports, last page, lava dragons, run north-west.

Green Dragons -> Wilderness teleports, east/castle/graveyard dragons.

Grizzly Bears -> From the slayer master, run north for about 13 wilderness levels. I recommend bringing ranged to these, since they're a bit far apart.

Lava Dragons -> Wilderness teleports, last page, lava dragons. (DON'T DO THIS TASK IF YOU CAN SKIP IT)

Lesser Demons -> Bosses, King Black Dragon teleport,

Moss Giants -> Bosses, Tormented demons, run east for a while. For those more familiar with OSRS, they're by the canoe, north of black chins.

Revenants -> There are 2 options that I found. The first option is easier, and the second option can be more rewarding.

Option 1: Bosses, Crazy Archeologist, There's an ork west and a hellhound south.

Option 2: ::mb, run southwest. (by the building with the ladder) There's a dark beast and a knight. The dark beast hits hard, so vengeance can be very useful, and be careful at this one.

Skeleton -> North of Krystillia (the slayer master)

Zombies -> Graveyard Dragons, run south.




Feel free to pm me about any questions on this, and feel free to post if I'm missing anything. I only posted every monster I've personally gotten, so I might not have every single one.

Happy Slaying!

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Personally speaking, take barrages to Lava Dragons, they are pretty afk and quick to kill, and if you have the fear of dying, keep a scout at the entrance? I love the task, the chance of whip mix, the most op pvm weapon in the game? well worth it.

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Even with a scout, there's one entrance. For sure they have potentially good drops, but as I said, I don't think it's worth going to, just because of all the pkers and longs kills.

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Ok, so on my PK account, my first task was lava dragons. What can I do since I don't even have points to skip them? It just seems like its not worth it if i have to save up so many points to skip and block these three. Just seems like a big waste of time. One thing I'd like to see in this guide is how many points you get per task. If you could add that, as well as what to do early on when you don't have points to skip or block those bad tasks, then I'd give the guide a 10/10! Also for the sake of newbies, please include how crucial it is to have a scout to look for incoming pkers. Otherwise nicely done. Solid guide.

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