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Tormented Demons Beginner's guide

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After over 1000 kc dry of tormented demons, I may not have gotten any drops, but I optimized my setup and always easily beat anyone around me in kills.

If you're a new player, you're at the perfect place. In this guide, I won't only be telling you how to kill tormented demons, but how to get a setup to later on do other bosses with fairly good gear!

How your average fight will be

When you start a kill at tormented demons, the tormented demon will be praying melee. You'll range it until it starts praying ranged. This will rarely happen since you'll kill it so fast the it'll go from melee to mage pray and won't have time to switch to ranged. Basically put, you need a melee switch, but you don't need much at all.

The tormented demon WILL hit you, he uses all 3 styles, since you're almost always at a distance, you're good from melee, and ranged can hit up to 30's be it's VERY inaccurate, and you won't find yourself eating much; you can afk up to 3 kills, easily.


You're in the wilderness! It's up to you to decide how long you stay, and what you risk! I tend to overstay, at my own risk though. Be careful because overstaying can be the death of you! With an amulet of glory, you're 3 wilderness levels from teleporting.

***Don't forget to check your glory every trip.

Quick prayers

Protect from Magic, Eagle Eye, Protect Item. For those who don't know how quick prayers work, right-click on the prayer icon beside the minimap to set, and left-click to activate..



Rich noobs

Before I get into the setup, I have a message for all you rich noobs.

I will recommend a glory, and not a fury, and not an amulet of ranging. this is because having a teleport at 30 wilderness saves a ton of time and can easily save your life from a pker. If you really want to, you can wear fury or amulet of ranging, but bring glory in your inventory (not really worth it, but hey! Do what you like.).

DON'T BRING A RING OF WEALTH. The feeling of discovering that a 50k item you're wearing keeps over your 200m ring is the worst feeling ever. A bunch of the drops keep over it to, if you're thinking "Oh then I'll just bring 4 items for a better drop rate, jokes on him!".

Buying items

This part's to make your life easier! I'll tell you where to buy every single thing! I recommend buying labout 10 of each, and most rune knives you can (like 3k if you have a fair amount of gp).

Range Store: Ava's Accumalator, Archer's helm, Snakeskin Boots, Rune knives

Mage Store: Book of Law

Melee Store: Dragon Scimitar, Amulet of Glory (4)


This setup has been made over 1000 kills of kills these sweet things. The only way to make this gear better is to have armadyl etc, so I'm keeping expensive things out of this setup. If you own a better piece of ranged gear, you're probably aware that it's better (or so I hope), so please don't reply telling me it's better.

Inventory setup - https://imgur.com/a/wVloh


Pretty basic, the sanfew works as a super restore but cures poison. This is in case a PKer poisons you. Zamorak brew is the same as a super combat, but with ranged too, for those who don't know. The weapon can be replaced by anything you'd like, as long as it's not bronze.

Gear setup - https://imgur.com/5ooU8Fs


This gear setup can be changed a bit, a bit being an overstatement. For more specifications, read below. The only item that isn't very important is archers ring (i).

In the setup, there are a total of 5 items that can be replaced: chest slot, leg slot, glove slot, ring slot, melee weapon in inventory

Karil's Leathertop <- Black d'hide body***GO SEE OPTIMIZATION

Karil's Leatherskirt <- Black d'hide chaps***GO SEE OPTIMIZATION

Barrows [Gloves] <- Black d'hide vambraces ***GO SEE OPTIMIZATION

Archer's Ring (I) {This item is ALWAYS kept on death} <- Archer's Ring <- Nothing ***The ring I costs 3k bm, don't worry about this one, having nothing doesn't matter and won't make that much of a difference.

For rune knives, bring about 200-300 per trip.

Melee Weapon <--- This is completely to your choice, i personally use whatever weapon I see first in my bank, just use a dragon scimitar if you don't have any other melee weapons. this'll be used like once every 5 minutes for 1 hit, so it really doesn't matter.

I strongly recommend following my advice concerning the first 3 slots mentioned, even though they can be switched, which will be at the end of the guide on optimization.

"Juking" your enemies

Juking, aka escaping, is probably the easiest thing to do when at tormented demons. They're aggro, aka aggressive, so just run from one extremity to the other and run down when you feel like it, most pkers get discouraged quickly. If 4 pkers come, you're screwed (if they know what they're doing, but they usually don't.)

Anti PKing

This section will be coming soon.


This part is for new players only, or players that have been playing a bit but haven't really dug into getting better gear in general.

While this part isn't at all mandatory, I VERY STRONGLY recommend doing this. If you're new, you don't yet have barrows gloves or barrows pieces.

My recommendation to you is to go to ::barrows, and go kill the karil's brother(straight south from the teleport spot) with a basic melee setup until you get the karil's top and bottom, along with barrows gloves. This part's all about RNG, but it shouldn't take too long at all. With average luck, in less than 20 minutes you should have those 3 things.


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If not anti-PKing and aiming for pure profit, at the end of the trip I personally always leave with 0 doses left and 0 food, so I found 2 restores and 1 sanfew to be the perfect amount to have, especially since you often end up having to drop sharks since there are so many drops.

Once again no problem. :)

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Anti pking: Bring a broke ass alt and d spear then and while they're busy killing the alt you skedaddle and bam you just 200IQ'd pkers 

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20 minutes ago, Doc said:

Anti pking: Bring a broke ass alt and d spear then and while they're busy killing the alt you skedaddle and bam you just 200IQ'd pkers 

haha :D

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