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Hi my name is Toothpick and I am an addict.


w8 is it not that kind of introduction? this is awkward


I am Toothpick83 and before you ask, yes, my name does refer to my donger size, because it is 83 cm. 



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9 hours ago, A N T I said:

Welcome to havoc littledick I mean toothpick 

i dont like u bc u made me suffer rcing so u wont find out


9 hours ago, Rasta said:

Pic or it's not true!


this my boyfriend from last night


8 hours ago, Dgroot said:

hahah welcome bud



7 hours ago, Checked said:

Nice Introduction ;D w

Welcome :)

do not welcome me thank u hello


1 hour ago, Littlee said:

Finally, you get your pass on the forums. Was fun to farm with you last night lol.

my pass? son i made the pass. ur not v efficient at farming, think bread did better than you in terms of #gains


1 hour ago, I Eat Bread said:

haha toothpick <3

hello skiller bread <3

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