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Game Updates - 11/07/2017

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Good evening Havoc community! Here is the list of today's changes:

Client Changes

  • Added Donator Scroll item.
  • Added Donator chat icon.


Server Changes

  • New item dropping system, your untradables will always stay in the inventory, items dropped on the ground will stay there for 15 minutes.
  • Item protection values are now based on their Blood money value in the shops.
  • Fixed a glitch which made broken barrows pieces disappear.
  • Added Occult necklace.
  • Fixed global messages spacing.
  • Disabled ability to purchase Void deflector.
  • Fixed a glitch that caused ground items to appear twice.
  • Added Donator status to the game, gives you a chat icon, ability to use global messages and decreased godwars killcount. More benefits coming in the future.
  • Added missing tools to the General store.
  • Mystery box and Crystal chest will now only announce rare drops.
  • Added extra items to Skotizo drop table including Occult necklace.
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