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Game Updates - 02/21/2018

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Greetings Havoc community members! First patch after the revival of Havoc, we're all super stoked at how well our progress has been this last week.


Server updates:

  • Fix incorrect Runite ore and Runite bolts drops from Wyverns
  • Fix hellhound that spawned inside the wall at the resource area
  • The Abyssal tentacle now has a store value of 1,000,000
  • Daily tasks should now update more frequently in the quest tab
  • Cleaning herbs will no longer prompt you with an amount to clean, you simply click once to clean, like RuneScape
  • Fix Infernal max cape
  • Correct player following logic, dancing now occurs, you should no longer get stuck easily, closed the gap between the leader and the follower
  • Stamina potions can now be decanted
  • Slayer drops (Mysterious emblem and Looting bag) is now displayed in the chatbox
  • Bandos godsword now uses 50% special attack
  • Fixed an exploit which allowed you to bring items into a FFA
  • When depositing items into the bank you will no longer be forced to switch tabs if the item you deposited is in a tab you are not currently viewing
  • Zamorak brews are now accurate to OSRS
  • The drop rate of the dragon warhammer has been increased to 1/5,000
  • Vengeance will no longer trigger someone else's vengeance
  • Help cc can no longer @here and @everyone on Discord from the game


  • OSRS revenant caves have been added
    • Old revenants that wandered the wilderness have been removed
    • If you previously had a revenant slayer task, you can continue it within the caves
    • Revenants drop tables have been slightly altered for their new position
    • Revenants attack with all 3 combat styles, can freeze you and are aggressive
    • Revenants drop the bracelet of ethereum and revenant ether which you can use to make the revenants tolerable and take 0 damage. Each hit you take decreases your bracelet by 1 charge
    • The bracelet is ALWAYS lost on death and has a decent store value
    • All escapes and agility obstacles with their respective requirements are added and are pretty high level
    • No other slayer monsters reside within the caves, for now. However we will be adding some other monsters there sometime soon


  • The store
    • Elder/Alpha/Royal rank tickets have been removed from the store
      • Note that these are not required to receive their respective rank!
    • The toxic blowpipe has received a price increase and now comes with 6,000 Zulrah's scales and 6,000 adamant darts
    • Super mystery boxes have received a buff and are now on sale for 15% off (buff includes more GP and an additional roll on drop table)
    • Well of Good Will ticket has been added to the store
    • DkmL1bY.gif


  • Wilderness
    • An Elder chaos druid has been added outside the chaos temple
      This druid can un-note only bones for a price of 40,000 coins each. The coins must be in your inventory, money pouch does not work in the wilderness
    • The chaos altar at the Chaos temple now provides a *3 boost to the normal altar experience rate
    • The chaos altar also has a passive effect which 50% of the time the bone you used will be saved
    • Skipping your target when they are not in the wilderness will no longer remove the wilderness HUD from your screen
    • The bounty hunter HUD should no longer be able to stay on your screen when you do not have a target and when you're not inside the wilderness


  • Blood money stores
    • An additional blood money store has been added to Mandrith for untradeable items such as void and defenders
    • Spirit shields have been removed from the blood money store
    • Some blood money items can be resold to their respective stores for 80% of their value


  • Skill draining effects and Npc stat viewer
    • When examining an Npc their current stats are now displayed over their maximum stats (i.e: 50/99)
    • Npc stat drains were previously always capped at 30% no matter what, this has been changed to allow for mechanics from OSRS to work properly
    • The bandos godsword now has its stat draining effect from OSRS, it will drain stats in the order of Defence, Strength, Attack, Prayer, Magic and Ranged for the amount of damage done. If you hit a 50 and your opponents levels are the following: 25 Defence, 20 Strength, 20 Attack their stats after the special attack will be 0 Defence, 0 Strength and 15 attack. This effect works on both players and Npcs
    • The dragon warhammer is no longer capped at a 30% defence reduction, it will now lower defence by 30% of the current defence level. This effect works on both players and Npcs
    • EBjqeHF.gif



  • Skotizo
    • Skotizo will now drop an Armadyl chainskirt (previously dropped a rune Armadyl plateskirt)
    • Skotizo now yells his location when the global notice "Adenvetures are still struggling to fight Skotizo!" is announced


  • The player panel (Quest tab) has received some changes
    • Skotizo is now shown in the Quest tab, how long until it spawns and where the location is
    • Time played is now much more readable
    • Server time is now much more readable
    • Slayer task amount is now on a new line so you're able to see the full Slayer task string
    • Star points are now displayed in the Quest tab
    • xBZFIBK.gif


  • Added ingredients book to herblore store, this book tells you every potion and what ingredients you need
    • E4URETg.gif


  • Mor UI Rek/TzHaar
    • Add runes store south west of the fight caves entrance
    • CAJtCIF.png


  • Well of Good Will
    • Pest control well event has been reduced to 30 minutes (from 60 minutes)
    • Blood money event has been reduced to 60 minutes (from 120 minutes)
    • Well events can no longer happen back to back. For example, if the last event was Pest Control, the next event cannot be Pest Control.
    • Well of Good Will contributions are now forever saved
    • DkmL1bY.gif


  • Added "Cleaner" to the north east corner of the Edgeville bank
    • The cleaner cleans noted grimy herbs which you have the level to clean yourself for a fee of 2,500 gp each herb
    • oqYzGo4.gif


  • More clear Items Kept on Death mechanics + small mechanic change:
    • Any untradeable items not shown on the interface are automatically kept
    • If you see an untradeable item on the lost screen, you will either lose it or special mechanics are in place for that item
    • Example, Looting bag:
      • You always lose the looting bag, no matter what
      • If you die in a safe area, the looting bag AND its contents go to Death
      • If you die in a dangerous area, you keep the looting bag however its contents are dropped on the floor where you died. If you died to a player, the items go to them otherwise they are visible to yourself
    • Rk5tGEg.gif


  • Skulling mechanics changes:
    • Skull timer will no longer be unable to decrease when doing activities outside of the wilderness
    • Skull timer will no longer decrease when in combat within the wilderness (your opponent will not drop skull while in combat with you or vice versa)
    • Relogging with a skull will no longer remove your skull
    • Remaining logged out will not decrease your skull timer
    • Recently attacked players is stored on logout and expires when you lose your skull (prevents relogging to skull trick)


Client updates:

  • The hunter level up interface will no longer show over the duel interface
  • Lots of performance improvements when in resizable


Launcher updates:

  • Note - You do _NOT_ need to re-download the launcher if you already have it, however if you would like the most up to date version OR if yours is not working correctly, you should grab the latest one.
  • Remove dependency for config.ini and Java Properties
  • On all platforms the launcher will attempt to use system enabled proxies (should you be using one)
  • On the Windows platform the launcher will prefer the IPv4 stack over any other stack (IPv6, etc)
  • The launcher now uses an actual user agent to prevent being blacklisted from the Havoc host
  • More clear attempt count when downloading assets/fetching remote configuration
  • No more manual error logs, any errors, should they occur will now be displayed in a nice-ish pop up box which can be easily read
  • Added a favicon for the Windows and Mac builds
  • Added a nice Windows universal batch script for those who wish to use the .JAR launcher
  • If you're into this sort of thing, our launcher is open source and you can view it here: https://bitbucket.org/atomicint/havoc.ps-game-launcher


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Abusing my powers to post first. :P


Great update though! Can't wait to see it in-game, definitely can see why it took so long. You put so much time into it. :) Great job!

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1 hour ago, Salty Dolphn said:

I’m stuck on a black loading screen trying to log in..... seriously..... any help please 

Fixed, reload your client

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So Zammy Brews are useless now? Or was it a bug that they worked like Overloads? If they aren't going to be any use, can they be taken off the drop tables?

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On 22/02/2018 at 11:18 AM, D E D said:

So Zammy Brews are useless now? Or was it a bug that they worked like Overloads? If they aren't going to be any use, can they be taken off the drop tables?

frl. crux should add super combat atleast.

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9 hours ago, Ragged said:

frl. crux should add super combat atleast.

According to him, he was going to and it slipped his mind, They'll probably be added soon.

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